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About Painful Pleasures

Founded in 1999, PainfulPleasures began with the goal to provide the widest variety of tattoo supplies, piercing supplies, and body jewelry in the world. Since then, the PainfulPleasures brand and vision have expanded and come to fruition.

We keep pace with this exciting, ever-evolving industry by offering an unmatched selection of products, from body jewelry and studio equipment to state-of-the-art tattoo and piercing supplies. Browse our site for products from popular brands like Cheyenne, FK Irons, Inkjecta, World Famous Inks, Dynamic, A Pound of Flesh, Recovery, Precision, and Peak. If you have a vision, we have the supplies to make it happen.

Body Jewelry

Every piercing location. Every gauge. Every style. It’s our goal to offer body jewelry for it all – from the basic to the downright daring. If you’re a professional piercer, you can shop our wholesale body jewelry to affordably stock your shop with a wide variety of high-quality jewelry for your clients to choose from. If you’re a piercing enthusiast shopping for your personal collection, our retail section offers the same wide variety at great prices.


Needles, clamps, tapers, forceps, you name it – we offer every tool the professional piercer needs. And while we keep prices low, we don’t cut corners. Our disposable supplies come fully sterilized for your client's safety, and our piercing tools are made from high-quality stainless steel, so you can use them for years to come.


We’re the online shop for tattoo supplies. From the latest wireless pen-style machines to the old-school coil machines, we offer the widest variety of tattoo machines from the industry’s most trusted brands like Cheyenne, FK Irons, InkJecta, and more. Our ink selection covers every color, shade, and consistency you could want from brands like World Famous Inks, Dynamic, and Intenze. We’ve got you covered on everything else too. From power supplies to practice skins, if it has anything to do with tattooing, you can find it here.

Permanent Makeup

With the permanent makeup industry exploding, subpar machines and pigments are cropping up all over the internet. That’s why we’re proud to offer PMU artists an edge over their competition with the highest-quality pigments and most trusted PMU machines available.

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At Painful Pleasures, our passion is to help professional piercers, tattoo artists, and PMU artists do their best work. That’s why we only sell the best products in the industry at the lowest prices you’ll find online. Shop our selection of piercing supplies, tattoo supplies, permanent makeup supplies, and body jewelry now to bring your (and your clients’) body-mod visions to life.