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Circular Barbells

Common Types of Circular Barbell Materials

Circular Screw-on Ball Rings

Circular screw-on ball rings are a hybrid of circular barbells and captive rings. They're circular rings with ends that don't meet, and each one has a ball or other decorative end that screws onto one side of the ring. Circular screw-on ball rings come in a variety of styles; some have jeweled balls, others have short or long cones attached, and some have ends in unique shapes like drums. You can wear circular screw-on ball rings in earlobe piercings, cartilage piercings, lip piercings, nostril piercings, nipple piercings, and more.

Surgical Steel Curved Barbells

Our top-of-the-line surgical steel circular barbells are precision-machined from 316L surgical stainless steel, then hand-polished to a mirrored finish. Choose from stainless steel circular barbells with internal or external threading, as shown in the image below. Note: Internal threading is often best for piercings that go through more delicate tissue, such as nipple rings, because there are no threads exposed to scrape you as the jewelry passes through your piercing. 

Titanium Curved Barbell Earrings

Our titanium circular barbells are made from pure elements; we only use solid titanium here, not the coated stuff! Titanium is stronger than steel, but as light as aluminum, making it the perfect material to use when creating precision-machined circular barbells and other body jewelry. 

Acrylic Curved Barbell Body Jewelry

Each of our acrylic circular barbells comes with a 316L surgical steel horseshoe barbell and 2 acrylic ends in your choice of shapes and colors. These are bright, fun circular barbells that'll add a splash of color to any outfit inexpensively. Our acrylic circular barbell body jewelry is top-of-the-line, precision-machined, and 100% guaranteed!

Black Circular Barbell Jewelry

Our black circular body jewelry is blackened through a Physical Vapor Deposition (P.V.D.) process. During the process, Titanium or Zirconium Nitride is ionically applied to the surface of either a solid titanium or surgical steel circular barbell in a vacuum chamber, and Tungsten DLC (diamond-like carbon) is vaporized in the process. Once the process is finished, the end result is an absolutely stunning black circular barbell that you can wear in a wide range of piercings, including septum piercings, earlobe piercings, nipple piercings, lip piercings, and more!

Gold Curved Barbells

Whether you're looking for a 10g or an 18g gold circular barbell or one somewhere in between, we have what you need! Our gold circular barbells are made from your choice of 14k white gold or yellow gold, and they're available in a variety of gauge-diameter combinations. Wear a gold circular barbell in a septum piercing, ear piercing, lip piercing, or any other appropriate piercing.

Circular Barbell Jewelry FAQs

What Is a Circular Barbell?

A circular barbell is a popular body jewelry choice used for many different types of piercing. Also called a horseshoe barbell due to its shape, a circular barbell has a U-shaped post with a bead at each end of the post. Beads either thread onto the outside of the post (external threading), or are screwed into the inside of the post (internal threading).

What Types of Piercings Use Circular Barbells?

Circular barbell piercing is used for a range of body locations. Small circular barbell earrings are common, as are circular barbell nose rings. The eyebrows, nipples, belly button, and genitals are also popular sites for horseshoe barbells.

How Do You Remove A Horseshoe Barbell Earring?

The simplest way to remove a circular barbell is to hold one ball firmly in one hand and twist the other ball counter-clockwise with your other hand until it separates completely from the post. For small barbells, such as circular barbell earrings that are hard to reach, you may need to ask a friend for assistance.

If you have any difficulty removing a circular barbell, your best course of action is to return to where you got the piercing and ask for help.

What Sizes Do Circular Barbells Come In?

The piercing location determines the size and thickness of a circular barbell piercing. The barbell’s gauge refers to the thickness of the post, which in turn dictates the size of the barbell’s beads. Gauge size ranges from 0 to 20 gauge. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the barbell post.

What Materials Are Horseshoe Barbells Available In?

Circular barbells come in a range of different materials, including titanium, stainless steel, niobium, gold, and silver. The right material for you will depend on your skin sensitivity, any metal allergies you might have, and your aesthetic preferences. 

Titanium and implant-grade stainless steel are popular choices, due to their high biocompatibility. Used for surgical implants, both metals are hypoallergenic and unlikely to result in piercing rejections. 14kt gold may also be used for people with sensitive skin.