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Piercing Disposables

Body piercing is essentially a minor medical procedure, and performing body piercings safely and correctly requires some of the same disposable medical supplies that you’d find in a doctor’s office, as well as specialized piercing equipment.

Disposable piercing medical supplies

To ensure that piercing procedures are hygienic and safe, piercers should always use medical disposables such as disposable medical gloves to help prevent cross-contamination of tools and sterile medical gauze to help control any bleeding that occurs during or after the piercing procedure. While disposable medical gloves are traditionally made of blue or white latex, we also offer black and purple varieties as well as nitrile options for artists who want to avoid concerns about latex allergies. 

Most piercers will also keep disposable razors on hand to help them clean and clear thicker patches of hair from areas of skin to be pierced. In the era of COVID-19, all piercers should also wear a disposable surgical mask while working to help guarantee their own health and safety in addition to the client’s.

Disposable piercing supplies

In addition to medical supplies, there are also more general disposable piercing supplies. Many piercers enjoy using individually sealed and disposable piercing clamps, especially for ear lobe piercings. Piercing needles themselves are another common piercing disposable. If you’re looking for piercing needles, check out the full piercing needle section of our online store. Some piercers also practice scarification, which requires sterile disposable scalpel blades.

While many piercers prefer reusable piercing supplies, the operation of an autoclave to disinfect them requires disposables of its own. We carry plenty of autoclave sterilization pouches for disinfecting reusable piercing tools, as well as high-quality reusable piercing tools and affordable piercing kits.

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