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Tape, Gauze & Bandages

Tape, Gauze & Other Disposables - Medical disposables serve a wide range of purposes in a tattoo and piercing shop. For instance, you can cover new tattoos with Tatu-Derm or Dri-Loc Pads and medical tape, use cotton swabs for Q-tip tests before doing VCH piercings, sketch designs right on clients\' skin with tattoo pens, simplify tongue piercings with the aid of tongue depressors, use sterile gauze to clean up excess blood around a new mod, pad tattoo grips with layers of cohesive wrap, cover piercing tables with exam table paper, and so on. Medical disposables come in handy in so many situations that it\'s important to stock up so you\'ll always have exactly what you need right at your fingertips when you need it. You\'ll find all the disposables you can\'t do without here in our Tape, Gauze & Other Disposables section.