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Tattoo Thermal & Stencil Printers

A tattoo stencil printer, also known as a tattoo thermal copier or tattoo stencil machine, is an important part of every tattoo artist's tool chest. If you want to provide all your clients with clarity and peace of mind about their designs, easily and quickly work from flash art, and ensure that each one of your designs is executed exactly as planned, you want to invest in a tattoo stencil printer.

What Are Tattoo Stencil Printers Used For?

Tattoo stencil printers allow you to copy designs onto tattoo transfer paper, which you can then apply to a client’s skin before you begin tattooing. This allows them to see the placement, sizing, and design of their tattoo before committing and serves as a clear guide for you while inking the design. Tattoo stencil machines are especially useful when working with flash art, as they help artists preserve the exact composition, line weight, and details for clients who want to perfectly replicate a specific design.

How Do Tattoo Stencil Machines Work?

Tattoo stencil printers rely on technologies similar to those you would find in standard printers and copiers. The real key to tattoo stencil printing isn’t so much the stencil machine as it is the transfer paper, which combines a heat-sensitive carbon layer with a thin receiving layer. The stencil printer scans the image you give to it and duplicates that image by applying heat to the transfer paper wherever it detects color in the original image. Wherever heat is applied to the carbon layer, it deposits pigment onto the receiving layer, creating a replica of the original image that can be applied to the skin using a tattoo stencil solution. Keep in mind, however, that tattoo stencil copiers do not have many of the same functions as office copy machines — if you need to resize an image, you’ll need to do it on a normal copier.

As long as you know the steps for using a tattoo stencil machine and have all the tattoo supplies you need, tattoo stencil printing is quick and simple.