Medical supplies

As a tattoo artist or tattoo shop owner, it is critically important to practice good cleanliness and hygiene. Without using the correct medical supplies, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment, you run the risk of exposing yourself or your clients to various infections and blood-borne illnesses. PainfulPleasures carries all of the tattoo medical supplies you need to make sure both you and your clients are safe.

Tattoo Clean Room Supplies

An industrial or medical clean room is a space that is protected with various controls and procedures to minimize the presence of airborne pollutants, dust, and microbes. While your tattooing space doesn’t need to be as clean as a surgical room, you should do your best to keep it and your tools as clean as possible.

Some clean room supplies commonly found in tattoo studios include surface disinfectant solution and wipes, sharps containers, and hazardous material disposal bags. Another common tool for sterile tattooing is an autoclave machine, which can fully disinfect and sterilize most metal tattooing tools so they can be safely reused. Keep in mind that you will also need autoclave sterilization pouches for any tools or instruments you want to autoclave.

Tattoo Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Some personal protective equipment (PPE) has always had a place in tattooing, but with the coronavirus epidemic its use has become an absolute necessity for tattoo shops and artists to ensure that they are protecting against the spread of COVID-19. Along with latex and nitrile gloves, the most basic and essential PPE for tattooing is a face mask. Most artists use standard surgical masks, but some prefer the higher level of protection offered by N95/KN95 masks. In addition to those basics, artists might also choose to protect themselves and their clients with a face shield, medical apron, or protective eyewear.

Tattoo Disposable Medical Supplies

No tattoo studio can safely operate without a well-stocked supply of medical disposables. The most basic tattoo medical disposables are latex or nitrile gloves, along with many other disposable barrier supplies such as tattoo machine bags, cord covers and sterile medical drape cloths. In addition to these supplies, you’ll also find gauze sheets, medical tape, and medical cling film in this section.

Tattoo Skin Prep

Tattoo skin prep supplies include items to help ensure the skin is sterile and will not be exposed to harmful bacteria or other pathogens during tattooing, such as topical disinfectant sprays and wipes, as well as topical anesthetics, protective ointments, and tools such as skin markers.