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Sterilization Pouches & Accessories

Shop for a new autoclave steam sterilizer for your shop, or stock up on sterilization pouches, autoclave cleaners, and other autoclave supplies here. We offer nylon tubing as well as sterilization pouches in a variety of sizes. Our autoclave bags are made from medical-grade plastic with lead-free ink and feature 3 bar seals for maximum protection, a blue film that assists in detecting tears, steam, chemical vapor, and ETO sterilization indicators. Our autoclave bags are ADA-accepted and can be used to sterilize piercing tools, body jewelry, and more. We also carry heat sealers and other autoclave accessories.

Sterilization Pouches & Autoclave Tubing

It's best to bag items separately before autoclaving them when you're cleaning batches of piercing tools, tattoo supplies, and body jewelry together. We carry a selection of sterilization pouches in different sizes, nylon autoclave tubing, and a variety of related supplies that you can use to keep items separate during autoclaving and sterile until the time you need them. Shop for indicator tape that marks bagged tools and jewelry as sterilized after autoclaving, heat sealers you can use to seal nylon autoclave tubing, self-seal autoclave bags, and other related sterilization supplies here.

If you need a new autoclave for your shop, we have several options in our Autoclave Sterilizers section. For tips on sterilizing with nylon autoclave tubing, read our article, Sterilizing With Nylon Tubing. We also provide information on heat-based sterilization methods, including autoclaving, in our Sterilization by Heat article.

Tattoo & Piercing Sterilization Pouches & Bags

Autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners are important tools in any tattoo and piercing shop. Ultrasonic cleaners make it easier to clean grips and other tattoo tools, and autoclaves sterilize your tools using pressurized steam so they're ready when you need them to do your next tattoo. 

If you're interested in learning more about sterilization methods, check out our Community Center with articles covering topics like sterilization by steam and tattoo and piercing sterilization techniques. We also have an informative Ultrasonic Cleaners article and an Alconox vs. Tergazyme comparison, if you'd like to know more about these products.