Opening a new tattoo studio or upgrading your existing space can be a major undertaking. After raising the money, finding a contractor, and drawing up plans, you still need to source durables like tool storage cases and merchandise display cases, branded tattoo swag and other merchandise, as well as all of the electronics and software that a modern tattoo studio needs in order to stay organized and run as efficiently as possible. If upgrading your shop has you feeling torn in a hundred different directions, you’re in luck—PainfulPleasures carries all the piercing and tattoo studio supplies you need in one convenient online store.

Storage and Display Supplies

Your tattoo and piercing tools, jewelry, merchandise, ink, disposables, and sanitation supplies all deserve a nice place to live, which is why every tattoo studio needs organization and storage solutions. In this section of the store you’ll find shelving and storage systems, storage containers and drawer organizers, travel-sized tool cases, as well as merchandise display stands.

Tattoo Studio Furniture

In addition to your standard waiting room chairs, tattoo studios require plenty of specialty furniture and fixtures. Here you’ll find small tattoo studio furniture such as adjustable arm and leg rests, wall mounts for electronics or reference materials, and workstation lighting. You’ll also find larger tattoo and piercing furniture including artist tattoo chairs, fully-adjustable client chairs, as well as modular and toolbox-style workstations.

Tattoo Studio Software and Electronics

In order to keep your tattoo studio running like a well-oiled machine, you’ll need the proper electronics. Above all, you’ll want to invest in administrative software like Tattoo Management Studio, which helps you accomplish almost all of your most critical business tasks with features including client scheduling and communications, records storage and organization, commission calculators, integrated POS and credit card processing tools, time clocks, and inventory tracking. In addition to software, you’ll also find electronics like high-performance graphic tablets for drafting and design, card readers, barcode scanners, and receipt printers.

Tattoo Studio Merchandise

On top of tattoo and piercing services and jewelry, tattoo industry merchandise can provide an additional sales bump. In this section of the store you’ll find tattoo prints and posters, branded stickers, patches and apparel, as well as high-quality tattoo art display books.

If you’ve been dreaming of updating your studio, don’t waste another moment. Shop PainfulPleasures for all your tattoo studio supply needs today.