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Tattoo Transfer Paper

Whether you hand draw stencils or print them on the latest tattoo thermal printers, PainfulPleasures has every type of tattoo stencil and transfer paper you could ever need.

What Is Tattoo Stencil Paper & Transfer Paper?

Usually, the terms “tattoo stencil paper” and “tattoo transfer paper” refer to the same products. Most artists use multi-layered sheets of stencil paper that allow them to print or hand draw their design directly on one sheet, while a lower sheet serves as the “transfer paper.” This “transfer” layer is specifically designed to transfer the stencil ink onto the client’s skin, leaving you with a crisp, clear stencil ready for tattooing.

Types of Tattoo Stencil & Transfer Paper

There are two main types of tattoo stencil and transfer paper: thermal paper and hectograph paper. Thermal paper is by far the most popular as it’s the only type compatible with thermal tattoo stencil printers. Hectograph paper, on the other hand, is perfect for artists who prefer to hand draw their stencils.

Within those two main categories, there’s plenty of variety in brand, size, and “layering.” Many types of stencil and transfer paper come with multiple layers such as “throwaway” slip layers, transfer paper layers, or backing layers. However, some, like the Spirit Tattoo Carbon Sheet paper, and various types of tattoo tracing paper consist only of a single layer.

Another old school option is Thermofax blue acetate thermal tattoo transfer paper, which helps prevent the burns that can occur with older Thermofax machines.

How to Use Tattoo Stencils & Transfer Paper?

These days, most tattoo artists use thermal copiers to create their tattoo stencils. In this case, thermal tattoo stencil paper is the best and only option. Some artists hand draw stencils on occasion and can use either hectograph paper or thermal paper. In either case, the artist will then prep the client’s skin and use a transfer solution to transfer the stencil from paper to skin.

Where to Buy Tattoo Transfer & Stencil Paper?

Painful Pleasures is your one-stop shop for every possible type of tattoo stencil and transfer paper. You’ll also find a full line of tattoo stencils and accessories and transfer solutions. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find the top brands at great prices, ensuring your shop is equipped to draw, print, and transfer professional-grade stencils every time.