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Anodizing Machines & Equipment

Anodizing Machines

Anodizing machines let you create custom niobium and titanium jewelry for your clients, giving them the colors and finishes they want in the biocompatible metals they need. Discover what an anodizing machine can do for your business, and make your piercing shop the ultimate destination for unique, customized body jewelry

For anodizing beginners, we recommend starting with our Titanium Anodizing Kit, which comes with everything you need to get started and detailed instructions for using the machine and achieving different colors. 

Anodizing Machine FAQs

What is Anodizing? 

Anodization is an electrolytic passivation process that transforms metal surfaces, commonly used in body jewelry such as niobium and titanium, into durable, corrosion-resistant works of art with an anodic oxide finish. In other words, anodizing lets you change the color and increase the durability of your titanium and niobium body jewelry. Other materials often associated with anodizing include aluminum, titanium, niobium, magnesium, zinc, hafnium, and tantalum. This transformative process involves immersing the metal into an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through the medium. 

What are Anodizers Used For? 

Anodizers play a pivotal role in the piercing, dental, and medical industries. The dental and medical sectors use anodizers to refine metal tools and instruments, ensuring the highest standards of quality and functionality. In the piercing industry, anodizing titanium and niobium jewelry lets pros offer their clients a stunning array of colors. 

This is huge for anyone with metal allergies. Since they are already limited to only biocompatible metals like titanium and niobium, it can be difficult to find unique jewelry options. Anodized jewelry offers them the chance to wear colorful, unique body jewelry without risking an allergic reaction. 

What Products Do You Need For Anodizing? 

To get started, you’ll need the following supplies for your anodizing setup:

Anodizer Machines

Choose from our range of advanced anodizing machines designed for ease of use and effect, beautiful anodization. 

Anodizing Wands

Achieve intricate and precise designs with our specialized anodizing wands. The wand attaches to the positive Anode lead (red) and is used to change the colors of jewelry with reactive metals. Choose from straight wands or hooked wands that allow for increased stability while holding jewelry in place. Quality paintbrushes are also useful for achieving certain colors and effects in your anodization. 

Scratch Pad for Anodizing Wand

Maintain the longevity of your anodizing wand by thoroughly scraping all colorization from the wand after each use with our scratch pads

Anodizing Solution

We recommend using TSP-PF Phosphate-free Heavy Duty Cleaner and distilled water to create the ideal solution for anodizing.

Submersion Containers

You’ll need something to submerge the jewelry in, and a simple plastic jar does the trick!

Anodizing Mesh Strainer

These strainers are designed to hook onto the rim of your submersion container and hold the jewelry in place during anodization.

Replacement Parts

Always be prepared with spare parts like fuses, anodizer knobs, and potentiometers to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Anodization Kits

Want to make it easy? Get started with our all-in-one kits that include everything you need for successful anodization.

Shop our anodizing machines and supplies today, and make your piercing shop the go-to spot for custom, vibrant, and durable body jewelry!