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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Jewelry & Tattoo Supplies

If you're a tattoo artist or piercer or own a tattoo and piercing shop, an ultrasonic cleaner is an important tool to have in your arsenal.

How Does An Ultrasonic Cleaner Work?

Instead of hand-scrubbing piercing tools and tattoo supplies by hand, drop them in an ultrasonic cleaner with detergent and set it to run while you see your next client. Your ultrasonic cleaner will dislodge fine particles that other cleaning methods may not be able to reach or remove, helping you keep your tools in good working order longer. 

Please note that ultrasonic Cleaners are not washers and will not clean heavily soiled instruments. If you plan on using an ultrasonic cleaner, your instruments must be be pre-cleaned with a brush to remove any significant debris.