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World Famous Tattoo Ink

World Famous Tattoo Ink: How It All Started

Legendary tattoo artist and innovator Lou Rubino has been around that tattoo industry his entire life, growing up in his dad’s shop and eventually making a name for himself as a sought-after tattoo artist. He began World Famous Tattoo Ink to revolutionize tattooing, providing artists with darker, stronger, bolder, and brighter inks that let their work stand out. With decades of experience and a lifetime of work spanning over 50 years on their side, it’s no wonder that New York-based World Famous Tattoo Ink has become a favorite for many high-demand tattoo artists.

World Famous Ink Selections

World Famous provides a solution to every artists’ ambition with a proprietary formula that fuses the highest quality inks with the solid, core viscosity of every color. All World Famous inks are vegan-friendly and sterilized with gamma radiation. Be a part of the next generation of tattooing and as World Famous says, “Stay true and world famous forever!”

World Famous Single Ink Bottles

Just need a few individual colors to round out your ink collection? We offer a wide range of World Famous single ink bottles at a great price including bold colors and Blackout black tattoo ink.

World Famous Tattoo Ink Sets

World Famous Tattoo Ink Sets are the perfect way to get multiple bottles of World Famous Ink at a great price. You can pick up a range of shades in a particular color or try out a set from the Pro Series.

World Famous Pro Series Ink

In the Pro Series, you’ll find ink that meets the World Famous standard in the trademark colors of your favorite tattoo artists like Paul Rogers, Andrey Kolbasin, Damian Gorsky, and more. Shop single bottles or full sets that have been designed or inspired by some of the best in the business.

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