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$999.99 $999.99 Pro Price
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Tattoo Management Studio

Tattoo Management Studio

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$999.99 $999.99 Pro Price
$999.99 $999.99 Pro Price
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    Tattoo Management Studio Software

    Tattoo Management Studio by REV23 Development, Inc is the industry standard in tattoo and body piercing studio management software. Serving the industry since 2010, Tattoo Management Studio is used internationally and recognized as the only major software package specifically dedicated to the tattoo and body piercing industry with specific features for this industry alone.

    Key Features

    • Appointment scheduling featuring automated text message and email appointment reminders, and cancelation text message reminders to your artists with our Virtual Receptionist, and Calendar integration for artists to view appointments from their mobile devices, deposit tracking with forfeited deposits payable to artists and quick searching for open time slots.
    • Client & Service tracking with paperless release forms and driver's licenses stored directly in your database and easily exportable for health inspectors, instant client entry from driver's license magnetic strip or barcode, after care instructions emailed to clients with the Virtual Receptionist, flexible tattoo & piercing commission and pricing options including sliding scale commissions, pricing based by size or time, Constant Contact email marketing integration and more.
    • Point of sale with integrated credit card processing, gift cards, advanced configuration for automatically applied discounts based on quantity or when jewelry is combined with specific service types, jewelry special order tracking and more.
    • Multi-studio support allows you to host each of your businesses locations conveniently in the same database, accessible from anywhere. One license required per studio.
    • Other features include time clock for hourly users, industry specific inventory, barcode printing, powerful reporting, charting and key performance indicators, user security and much more.

    What's Included

    • Tattoo Management Studio Server and Single PC license. Download only, no disc.
    • Updates and support included for one year after purchase.
    • Future updates and continued support will require optional license upgrade.

    Recommended System Requirements

    • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1
    • 1.8+ GHz Processor
    • 2 GB or greater RAM
    • Internet connection required for email and text message functionality, credit card processing and integrators (Calendar, Constant Contact).

    Optional Additional System Requirements

    • High-speed internet with minimum bandwidth of 25 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload for remote connections (i.e. home or another studio).

    Learn More about the Software

    You can find out all you want to know about the software at

    Software Purchase Terms & Conditions

    Please review the Purchase Terms and Conditions for the Software here. By purchasing the license, you are agreeing to the Purchase Terms and Conditions; please make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions before purchasing.

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    Size Table

    Standard Body Jewelry Measurements

    The following webchart is a quick reference guide for standard body jewelry measurements and how to measure basic body jewelry. Please print this webchart to help measure your body jewelry accurately.

    Visit our PainfulPleasures Infocenter for additional body jewelry information. There, you will find detailed articles on standard body jewelry sizes, how to measure body jewelry, basic body jewelry, and more.

    Standard Body Jewelry Threading

    Ensure compatibility between standard (non-custom) PainfulPleasures body jewelry parts using the tables below. More information on threading, including custom thread patterns, can be found in our Threading Infocenter article.

    Internally threaded jewelry has a threaded post on the top and/or end, which is then inserted into a threaded hole in the barbell shaft.

    Internal Thread Patterns by Gauge


    18g, 16g

    14g, 12g


    Internal Thread Pattern

    0.8mm or 0.9mm



    Externally threaded jewelry has a threaded post on the barbell shaft, which is then inserted into a threaded hole in the top and/or end.

    External Thread Patterns by Gauge


    18g, 16g

    14g, 12g, 10g

    External Thread Pattern



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