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Body modifications come in many forms — tattooing, piercing, scarification — but few forms of body modification are as intense or as potentially hazardous as hook suspension. Hook suspension has a long history as a spiritual practice and religious ritual around the world, and many of today’s hook suspension practitioners maintain that spiritual connection. Hook suspension isn’t for beginner body modification enthusiasts and should always be performed under the supervision and guidance of an experienced and qualified practitioner. The cost of suspension varies, but you should expect to pay at least $150-$200 for supplies and the help of an experienced suspension practitioner.

There are many different forms of suspension, but they all involve inserting specialized piercing hooks or suspension rings through the skin on various parts of the body and connecting them to ropes or chains that are then pulled via pulleys to lift the person into the air. While basic suspensions consist of static poses, some more advanced suspensions can include motion or swinging while suspended. These advanced hook suspension techniques require expert planning, equipment installation, and understanding of the physics involved in order to be performed safely.

Obviously, hook suspension can be painful and potentially dangerous, so it should always be supervised by experienced professionals with first aid training. Many seasoned suspension practitioners, however, say that the challenge of suspension is much more mental than physical, so all newcomers should prepare their minds as much as their bodies.

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