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Curved Piercing Needles

Our Precision curved piercing needles offer an alternative to standard straight piercing needles when working in tight spaces or on piercing projects that require curved needles.

Curved Body Piercing Needles

Each of our curved piercing needles is precision-machined from surgical stainless steel and has a super-sharp point. These curved piercing needles are individually packaged for single-use, pre-sterilized with Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas, and available in 18g - 8g sizes.

What Are Curved Piercing Needles Used For?

Curved body piercing needles are usually used in “tight areas” where there is a risk of puncturing tissue on the other side of the area meant to be pierced. For example, they’re most commonly used for tragus piercings to avoid puncturing through the tragus and into the ear. Some piercing professionals also opt to use them for certain nose, lip, belly button, and genital piercing techniques.

Whether you use curved piercing needles all the time or only occasionally, we have buying options that work for your piercing practice. At Painful Pleasures, you can buy sharp, sterile curved piercing needles in economical boxes of 50 or individually. We’ve got your other piercing supply needs covered as well with our selection of professional-grade straight piercing needles and body piercing needles!