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Glass Body Jewelry

We offer a large selection of glass jewelry made from soda lime glass, obsidian glass, colored glass, and Pyrex (Borosilicate) glass, which is autoclave-safe and hypoallergenic. Choose from large gauge glass jewelry like glass hoops, glass ear weights, glass spirals, and other large gauge earrings and plugs that can be used in a variety of piercings, as well as smaller glass jewelry designs that can be worn in labret piercings, ear piercings and more. 

Glass Jewelry Options from PainfulPleasures

Glass Ear Weights

If you’re looking for stylish ear weight hangers for stretched lobes, then you're sure to love our glass ear weights! Our glass ear weights come in a variety of styles, like handmade triangular glass ear weights, Gorilla Glass ear weights, weighted glass large gauge earrings, linear hoops, keyhole ear weights, ear weight forks, and other glass ear weights for stretched lobes. No matter what your price range or style preference, we have the perfect glass ear weights to help you look stylish while continuing to stretch your earlobes.

Glass Hangers

Our glass hangers selection includes a wide variety of large gauge glass earrings for stretched lobes. Choose from glass hangers shaped like large gauge glass spirals, twisters, forks, glass tornado drops filled with colorful liquid, and other styles of glass hangers. Most of our glass ear hangers are made from Pyrex (also known as Borosilicate), but we also offer goldstone glitter glass hangers, soda lime glass hangers, dichroic glass hangers, and colored glass options, just to name a few. 

Glass Hoops

Our glass hoops for stretched lobes are some of the most stunning glass hoops you'll find online. We offer traditional glass hoops, like our Gorilla Glass power hoops and glass captive bead rings, as well as glass spirals and a variety of other large gauge glass hoops. Our glass hoops for stretched lobes are made from a few different types of glass, like Pyrex, soda lime glass, goldstone glitter glass, and simple colored glass. 

Glass Tunnels

As their name suggests, tunnels – also called hollow plugs – are hollow in the middle, bringing most of the focus to the size of your stretched piercing rather than to the jewelry itself. But that doesn’t mean your glass tunnels will go unnoticed. With options like sparkling goldstone glass or the eye-catching colors of Gorilla Glass, our glass tunnels make a statement. 

Glass Plugs

From jet-black obsidian to dizzying dichroics, your options for glass plugs are endless. While glass tunnels are limited to a small pop of color around the perimeter of your stretched piercing, solid glass plugs have more room to play with the design. Want something quirky and fun? Check out the soda-lime glass octopus plugs. After something a little more sinister? The black curls and loops hanger is just the thing. Glass plugs also come in a wider variety of shapes than tunnels from the standard cylinder shape, to teardrop-shaped plugs, or swirling spirals and claws. Whatever you want in a glass plug, we carry one of the largest ranges of colors, gauges, glass types, and designs you’ll find anywhere. 

Glass Gauges

While “gauge” technically refers to the size of a stretched piercing, it’s also become a casual catch-all term for any jewelry used in stretched piercings. So whether you’re looking for glass tunnels or glass plugs, you’ll find it all here.

Using Glass as an Alternative to Metal

Glass offers several advantages over metal jewelry, making it an excellent choice for anyone who loves their stretched piercing but hates the irritation that comes with metal sensitivities. First off, glass jewelry is non-reactive, hypoallergenic, and less likely to cause irritation or allergies, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Its ultra-smooth surface ensures maximum comfort during extended wear and makes it ideal for sizing up a gauge without additional irritation. For larger gauges, metal plugs quickly become too heavy to wear comfortably, and glass offers a lightweight alternative. Finally, glass allows for endless aesthetic variations with its vibrant colors and intricate designs. Choose a glass plug or tunnel today and level up your style and comfort!