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Best Piercing Aftercare ROUNDUP

Offer your clients the best piercing aftercare in the game. Check out these top picks by Recovery and Tattoo Goo.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: October 24, 2023

As a piercer, you know how overwhelming the piercing aftercare selection is out there. And you want to make sure you’re offering clients the best of the best. After all, a client who heals up nicely is likelier to be a return client. But how do you know which piercing aftercare to stock up on? We’ve got you covered with the top 5 BEST piercing aftercare picks in the game.


Bottle of saline spray for piercing aftercare

First up, a real MVP in the piercing aftercare game: Recovery Saline Wash. You’ve probably heard about it, and for a good reason—it’s a top seller and a staple in studios around the world. The spritz is cooling and refreshing (which clients love). Plus, the spray comes with a 360-degree dispenser, so you can attack a piercing from any angle. For many clients, it’s the only aftercare they use for any piercing, so be sure to have it in stock for those diehard lovers. 


  • 360-degree dispenser for versatile application 
  • A go-to aftercare choice for many clients 
  • Refreshing and cooling 


  • If used in excess, it can dry out the skin, so advise your clients to pair it with a moisturizer like jojoba oil (or tell them to use it sparingly). 
  • While rare, some clients might experience an allergic reaction to Saline Solution. In such cases, consider alternatives like Recovery Skin Conditioner or antimicrobial soap washes.


Tin of Recovery Skin Conditioner

Next in line is the versatile Recovery Skin Conditioner. It’s not just for piercings. It also works wonders for tattoos, so it’s great to have in the studio for dual-purpose-clients. Thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, Recovery Skin Conditioner protects new, vulnerable piercings while keeping redness, itch, and irritation at bay. But it’s also the perfect aid to offer clients who are stretching their ears. Like the ever-popular jojoba oil, it can be used to lubricate large-gauge jewelry for insertion. So basically, it’s a useful aftercare agent across the board. 


  • Multi-purpose for both piercings and tattoos 
  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties 
  • Hydrates and soothes the skin 
  • Can be used to insert large-gauge jewelry 


  • Overusing it can suffocate the skin, so make sure your clients don’t go overboard. 
  • It’s wise to recommend pairing it with a saline wash or antimicrobial soap to provide complete care. 


Bottle of Tattoo Goo Antimicrobial Soap

Here’s another one-stop solution that covers both piercings and tattoos: Tattoo Goo Antimicrobial Soap. It isn’t as effective at moisturizing the skin as Recovery Skin Conditioner, but it’s more effective at cleansing away dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria… overall preventing infection. In fact, it boasts a powerful PCMX-L molecular formula. If you’re wondering what the hell that means… it basically just means it’s SUPER powerful when it comes to killing bacteria, and more effective than other antibacterial solutions on the market with weaker formulas. Moreover, it contains olive oil, which not only keeps the skin clean but decently moisturized, too. 


  • Suitable for both piercings and tattoos 
  • Effective cleanser and disinfectant 
  • Moisturizing and gentle on the skin 


  • Excessive use can lead to drying, so make sure your clients are aware of this. 
  • Some clients, particularly those with sensitive skin, may experience irritation or inflammation when using any antimicrobial soap. Always pay attention to your clients’ skin types and recommend accordingly. 


Bottle of Recovery Oral Rinse

Oral piercings require special attention and care, and that’s where Recovery Mouth Rinse excels. It’s the number one choice for oral piercings, not only for how effective it is… but for how it tastes too. Recovery Mouth Rinse is infused with peppermint oil, which is both hydrating, moisturizing, and delicious. Enriched with sea salt from the Dead Sea, it soothes irritation and pain effectively for the most comfortable oral piercing aftercare possible. Recommend it to clients for lip, tongue, and cheek piercings. 


  • Ideal for oral piercings 
  • Refreshing peppermint taste 
  • Contains high-quality Dead Sea Salt 

There are hardly any cons, but we’ll mention them anyway: 


  • Some clients might not like the cooling peppermint flavor? Unlikely, but possible. 
  • It’s piercing-specific, so it’s not as versatile as the other aftercare products on this list. 


Bottle of Dead Sea Salt by Recovery

Last but certainly not least is the Recovery Piercing Aftercare System, which includes Recovery Dead Sea Salt + Tea Tree Oil. This dynamic duo allows you to create your own sea salt mixes, scrubs, and therapeutic solutions. Which means your clients can create their own mixes. Some clients like to have control over their own aftercare, so offering them this system is a great way to go. Also, if you offer these two products in your shop, you won’t send them off to make their own mixes from drugstore ingredients. Just be sure to tell them about proper quantities and proportions before you send them off to mix their own wash. 

Jojoba oil is a fan-favorite ingredient that hydrates the skin better than many oils and conditioners in the piercing aftercare market. Dead Sea Salt is an all-natural alternative to iodized table salt, which can inflame piercings (another reason you’ll want to offer clients the purest, best piercing aftercare salt available). 


  • Versatile and natural healing solutions 
  • Suitable for various aftercare needs 
  • Dead Sea Salt with enhanced soothing benefits 

And the best part? No cons here unless you’re completely opposed to all-natural healing solutions!


It’s time to guide your clients in choosing the right aftercare products for their unique needs. These top-notch piercing aftercare agents ensure a smooth and successful healing journey—provided you give your clients the right education and tips! So, remember, when in doubt, trust your expertise, and provide your clients with the best aftercare recommendations. You can find all these piercing aftercare supplies and more on our site.

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