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Gifts for Tattoo Artists: Our Top Picks

Personalized gifts for tattoo artists can be tricky. Check out our top picks for every kind of tattoo artist in your life.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: June 1, 2022

Let’s get real. Finding gifts for tattoo artists can be tough. Every tattoo artist has different styles and preferences.

But don’t worry about figuring out, “What kind of tattoo machine is best?” We’ll break down the hottest tattoo machines and other supplies based on what the artist in your life needs this year. If you’ve got a tattooer on your good list (or if you’re an artist and you’re treating yourself), you’ll want to check this out below. We’ll highlight some of our top picks from this year’s holiday gift guide with some bonus picks if you really want to show off.

For the All-Around Artist: FK Irons EXO Modular Tattoo Machine


Wireless fever is real this year. If you know an artist who’s got the itch to try a wireless machine, the EXO gives them the perfect chance. Its E-give ready feature and reputation for being a great all-around machine for most tattooing styles make it one of the best wireless tattoo machines out there.

Bonus: The EXO also doubles as a professional RCA machine. This gives artists the freedom to switch easily between wireless tattooing or a traditional RCA-connection setup.

Make your artist’s life easier with these other great gift ideas:

The FK Irons LightningBolt Uni

The LightningBolt Uni is perfectly designed to fit onto any RCA machine (like the EXO) and turn it into a wireless powerhouse. The best part? The Uni gives artists up to 10 hours of tattooing power after just one charge.

The FK Irons Hover Tattoo Power Supply

When used with the EXO, the Hover lets artists use E-give features and tattoo with touchless controls.

Hive Caps



With Hive Caps, artists can stack, snap together, and set up their ink caps for a splatter-free work zone. Hive Caps also prevent tattoo ink from drying during longer sessions. Paired with the EXO, Hive Caps will make an artist’s setup as efficient as possible, especially when tattooing larger pieces.

For the Artist Who Knows What They Like: Bishop Wands


You may be wonder… Why do tattoo artists need multiple tattoo machines? Some artists have specific machines they trust to get certain jobs done right. If that’s your artist, it’s time to wrap a Bishop Wand in a holiday bow. There are 3 types of Bishop wands to choose from: a liner, a packer, and a shader. Each pen-style machine is artist-endorsed by the industry legends like Nikko Hurtado, Victor Chill, and Big Sleeps. Aside from being powerful options for lining, packing, and shading, they’re also sharp-looking machines. Each features a hand-polished band: matte black for the shader, copper for the packer, and silver for the liner.

Color pack, line, and shade with these other gifts for artists:

World Famous Primary Ink Set


Fill your artist friend’s ink cups with 12 vibrant go-to inks by World Famous. This set is perfect for color packing with a Bishop Wand into the new year — a reliable gift for any tattoo arist.

Yarson Dark Set


Got an artist friend who specializes in black and gray? Shake up their ink selection with 6 graywash inks hand-selected by renowned tattoo artist Yarson. These six pigments are perfect for use with liner, packer, or shader wands.

Peak Triton Cartridge Tattoo Needles


Peak Triton and Bishop Wands make a killer pairing. Still brand-spankin’ new and already causing a stir, Triton cartridges give artists US-patented linear technology for super-controlled tattooing in any style. Triton will stand out as a gift any Peak-loving artist will thank you for.


For the Experimental Artist: InkJecta Flite X1 Tattoo Machine


This is the machine for experimental artists (or any die-hard InkJecta fans). Light up your artist friend’s holiday and give them a whole new way to tattoo into the new year with motion-activated speed controls. The Flite X1 also lets artists adjust their needle depth and voltage with the press of a button.

Make your artist friend’s life even easier with these Flite X1 pairings:

Flite X1 Ergo Grips

InkJecta’s Ergo grips are specially designed to give your artist the ideal hold on their X1 machine. These grips come in delrin or durable aluminum.

Kwadron Needles

Razor-sharp and an artist-favorite, Kwadron gives artists every configuration they need for ultra-precise tattooing. They’re durable and don’t lose their sharpness while tattooing – so artists can count on a long, healthy session when they pair Kwadron with the Flite X1.

Dynamic Ink

Tack Dynamic ink onto this gift for ultimate lining, shading, or tribal work. With the Flite X1’s intuitive operation and Dynamic’s super-pigmented rich black results, artists can conquer any piece.


For the Coil Lovers: Vlad Blad and Brandyn Feldman Tattoo Machines

Got an artist friend who’s loyal to the coil… or one interested in exploring what they’re all about? You can’t go wrong with a high-quality coil machine by Vlad Blad or Brandyn Feldman. Featuring hand-crafted, durable frames, Feldman machines are all built to last. Vlad Blad machines are also designed with extra care, offering sharp hits and preventing blowouts. You’ll find liners, shaders, and color packers by both manufacturers. Plus, both Vlad Blad and Feldman also make rotary machines (with some old-school sensibility).

Make sure to give them everything they need for their new coil machine…

Precision tattoo needles

An artist-favorite, Precision needles are made from stainless steel and come in countless configurations for any tattooing style.

Coil Parts & Lubricant

Gift them tattoo supplies like capacitors, washers, loose wrap coils, and springs to keep their machine up and running through 2022.


For the Apprentice: A Pound of Flesh

If you’re shopping for an apprentice tattooer, A Pound of Flesh practice skins are a better gift than grapefruits or orange rinds. Choose from the APOF variety so apprentice tattooers can shape up their skills on “skin.” A Pound of Flesh offers some of the best tattoo supplies on the market, from a tattooable guinea pig to life-like limbs. All of it looks great with a bow and gift tag.

An apprentice tattooer will also thank you for:

Precision Drawing Pens

You can’t make good stencils without great sketches. Gift an apprentice with professional art supplies like these quality pens for sketching away during downtime at the shop. In fact, drawing pens make great gifts for any tattoo artists, no matter their experience.

Stocking-Sized Gifts for Tattoo Artists

Gifts for artists don’t need to be big to make an impression. Check out these stocking-sized gifts for tattoo artists. They’re great additions to any professional setup or studio.

Derm Shield

This is the ultimate stocking stuffer. The two things tattoo artists love most about Recovery Derm Shield are its flexibility and impeccable healed results. After taking the time to make a quality tattoo, you want to make sure it heals perfectly. Whether it’s a pairing or a standalone present, Derm Shield is a home-run gift for tattoo artists.

Ink Mixer

Give artists the gift of mixing custom colors and shades with this battery-powered ink mixer. Pair it with a few disposable mixer sticks and help artists refresh their palette into the new year.

Stencil Stuff

Nothing beats crisp stencil transfers every time. Brighten your artist friend’s holiday (and stencil work) with creamy, vegan-friendly, artist-favorite Stencil Stuff transfer cream.

Tattoo Books

Books for inspiration are great gifts for any artist or shop owners. Plus, these flashy books look killer on any studio coffee table.

Get Your Orders in and Under the Tree

Check out our full holiday gift guide for even more gifts for tattoo artists. If you’re shopping for a tattoo artist boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, and or friend we hope you’ve been listening (and we hope they’re on your nice list).

Remember: any item on this list is an excellent gift for the right artist. It’s always the thought (and creativity) that counts.

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