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Winter Machine Blowout Sale: Check out the Deals

Blaze your way through winter with a fire new machine. Check out this season's best savings on our top selling models from artist-favorite brands.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: January 13, 2023

It’s wintertime, and you may just feel like hibernating. But nothing kindles your creative spirit quite like a brand spankin’ new tattoo machine, especially if that machine is majorly discounted. After all, the new year’s just begun, and there’s still time to kick things off freshly and with high-quality new gear.

So, get ready to blaze your way through winter with renewed inspiration and confidence. Here are all our Winter Machine Blowout discounts on artist-favorite brands. The only question is: which brand do you want in your top drawer?

Save $150 on FK Irons Machines

FK Irons tattoo machine with sale text above it

Nothing spices things up quite like an FK Irons tattoo machine. Maybe this winter, it’s high time to cut the cord with an FK Irons wireless machine at a price you don’t normally see. And when it comes to FK Irons, you can count on other state-of-the-art features, including Bluetooth-enabled adjustable options like eGive and voice control. You’ll also get a wide variety of stroke options… especially with the Flux Max, which offers up to a 4.5mm stroke for your most powerful linework.

Plus, if wireless isn’t your thing, you can also save on some of their classic rotaries like the Spektra Xion. Check out all FK Irons models here, from their most iconic OG rotaries to their latest wireless powerhouses.

Save $350 on Cheyenne + InkJecta Machines

InkJecta Flite X1 Machine and two Cheyenne Machines with sale text above

Cheyenne and InkJecta lovers, this one’s going to warm your hearts.


As a Cheyenne lover, you can always count on a silent, vibration-free performance. But maybe you can step your game up or perfect a new technique with a new model. Or maybe you’ve always just been Cheyenne-curious. For an in-depth buyer’s guide on Cheyenne machines, check out our blog “Find the Best Cheyenne Tattoo Machine for You.”

Explore all Cheyenne machines here.


However, InkJecta might be the choice for you if you’re more of an experimental artist. Why not use the slow season to learn the ins and outs of a machine with a one-of-a-kind design and totally intuitive features? And speaking of intuitive InkJecta machines… InkJecta’s wireless Flite X1 machine has joined the ranks of artist top picks for cord-free machines this past year. Check out all the details about this latest machine here in our Top Wireless Machines of 2022 blog.

But you also can’t go wrong with an iconic Flite Nano Elite machine from InkJecta. Artists around the globe still count on these machines, which come with InkJecta’s signature torsional drive bar system for soft, medium, and hard adjustments. You’ll find impeccable balance with a Flite Nano Elite machine that’s totally customizable according to your style, giving it the feel of a coil. Check out all of InkJecta’s machine options here at a hugely marked down price.

Save 25% on all Peak Machines

Peak machine with sale text above it

Peak has really been evolving into a top choice for artists lately. On top of their broad selection of all-rounder rotaries, Peak now has its own wireless selection. And when you choose a wireless machine from Peak, you can count on leveling up your skillset, precision, and efficiency.

In particular, Peak’s wireless models give you all the best features of a badass wireless machine while still offering a reasonable price point (now with an additional 25% off). With the original Solice machine, you can easily shift between an RCA and wireless setup… which is perfect if you’d love to try wireless tattooing but aren’t 100% ready to completely shift gears. As for the Solice Pro wireless machine, you get an adjustable stroke length from 2.4mm up to 4.2mm so you can take on any tattooing style. And, most recently, you can tattoo with the Solice Mini, which gives you Peak power in miniature. A shorter length and more lightweight body cuts down on hand fatigue and gives you closer access to your work.

Check out all of Peak’s machines here, from wireless machines to pen-style rotaries, sliders, and direct drives.

Save $75 on all Axys Machines

Image of Vlad Blad and Axys machine with sale text

Make your winter slow season a little more ergonomic with a brand new Axys Pen. Axys pen-style machines are designed precisely and geometrically, so you can tackle any project in comfort… oh, and they look pretty darn sleek, too.

Check out the Axys Valhalla and Axys Valkyr here.

Save $50 on Vlad Blad Machines

These Russian-made machines can really add zest to your winter season. Vlad Blad’s coil and rotary models both feature distinctive designs with iconic imagery for a more self-expressive machine. Plus, this manufacturer has one of the most eclectic varieties out there, so it’s perfect if you’re really looking to try something totally new. Explore pen-style rotaries, hybrid machines, coils, and so much more. See Vlad Blad’s full selection right here on our Web store.

Save 20% on all Dragonhawk Machines

Dragonhawk machine with sale text above it

Maybe you want to head into winter with a reliable all-rounder or backup machine. If so, Dragonhawk has you covered with plenty of machines that are designed for all styles with a versatile 3.5mm stroke. Plus, some models like the Mast Lancer and Mast Magi Pen give you an adjustable needle depth for even more style versatility. You’ll find wireless and standard pen-style models from Dragonhawk depending on your preference. Check them out here.

Save 20% on all Right Stuff Machines

Image of Right Stuff and Kwadron machines with text over top it

Coil lovers, we’ve got the right stuff for you. Right Stuff custom-made machines are loved by artists across the industry for their durable, handmade hardware and powerful performance. If you’re looking to step up your lining game this winter, you can really benefit from the long-stroke TrueLiner coils. But Right Stuff isn’t just for those who favor coils. You can also check out their smooth-performing rotaries for any style. Find the right stuff for you here.

Save 20% on all Kwadron Machines

Kwadron isn’t only known for their razor-sharp needles. Their sleek rotary machines come in lightweight and ergonomic varieties, all at very affordable price points… now at an additional 20% off. Count on a powerful performance from artist-favorite Kwadron machines like the Equaliser Proton Pens, which come equipped with a high-quality Faulhaber motor. When you tattoo with a Proton Pen, you’ll also get plenty of style versatility thanks to great features like adjustable needle depth and a versatile 3.5mm stroke. Moreover, aside from their best-selling rotaries and pens, Kwadron also offers the PMU Mikron Machine; it’s easy to maneuver and has a 2.8mm stroke for any PMU technique. Explore all Kwadron varieties here.

Save 20% on all HM Machines

Images of HM and Neotat machines with sale text over top of them

Here’s another killer brand if you love a good coil machine. But that doesn’t mean rotary-lovers should pass up HM tattoo machines either. Lots of TLC goes into HM’s manufacturing, so you can count on a durable CNC-machined model made from highest quality materials. Moreover, if you’re into coils, you’ll find models that push all sizes of needles, so there’s something for you no matter how bold – or how subtle – your work is. From liners to power liners, HM has exactly what you need for your specific style. Find our massive selection of all HM tattoo machines here.

Save 20% on all Neotat Machines

Neotat is another high-quality manufacturer that won’t break the bank. This one’s for artists seeking a no-frills handy backup that can handle anything you throw its way. Enter the NeoTat Vivace rotary machine, which gives you a 3.5mm stroke length and a perfectly balanced, lightweight body. This balanced factor is huge when it comes to reducing fatigue or wrist pain – winter is tiring enough, so make sure you’re tattooing comfortably! Shop the NeoTat Vivace at 20% off here.


Even if you’re all set with a tattoo machine you love, there are plenty of other ways to keep your fire going this winter. Be sure to take care of your mental and physical health while there’s time to recuperate. Additionally, stay tuned to our YouTube channel and Instagram for regular artist reviews, tips, and inspirations.

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