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Quick Tips for Choosing a Belly Button Ring

If you're in the market for a new belly button ring and need help wading through the hundreds upon hundreds of belly rings available on Painfulpleasures.com, our Quick Tips for Choosing a Belly Button Ring will help. We cover the key elements to consider before making a purchase, including belly ring size, style, material, and placement options. We also give you the lowdown on what you'll find in each belly ring shopping category on our site, so you can jump right to the one that interests you most.
by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Feather Belly Button Rings | Belly Rings With FeathersEver since the early 1990s, when supermodel Christy Turlington first showed off her belly ring on a London runway, belly button piercings have steadily gained popularity in mainstream culture. Other models were quick to follow Christy’s lead, then pop stars like Madonna adopted the trend, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Maybe you’re thinking about having your belly button pierced, or maybe you’ve had a navel piercing for years. Whatever the case, if you’re in the market for a hot new belly button ring, we have a selection that’ll blow you away!


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Belly Ring

Where should you start when looking for a new belly ring? There are several factors to consider when shopping for belly button rings:Hinged Butterfly Reverse Belly Button Ring | Top-Down Butterfly Belly Ring

Placement – Do you have a traditional belly button piercing above your navel, or are you shopping for jewelry for a unique navel piercing? Maybe you have a lower navel belly piercing or a cool pattern, like the double, triple and quadruple belly piercings sported by some of the girls in the belly button piercing pictures section of our photo gallery. Different types of navel piercings require different styles of jewelry, so take the placement of your belly button piercing into consideration before you start shopping for navel rings. For instance, if you have a lower belly piercing, you may be interested in our Top Down Belly Rings, which are reverse belly button rings that have the charm at the top of the barbell instead of the bottom.

Material – If you have a metal allergy, then any metal navel piercing ring you purchase should be made of either stainless steel, titanium or PTFE/BioFlex. Surgical steel belly rings, titanium navel rings and BioFlex belly button rings are the least likely to trigger an allergic reaction. Titanium is the most inert metal that body jewelry is made from, so if you’re extra sensitive, opt for a solid titanium belly button ring.

Ladybug Belly Button Ring | Belly Ring With Ladybug CharmsIf you’ve had a reaction to your jewelry in the past, it was most likely because it was cheaply-made jewelry with a high nickel content. If you purchase high-quality jewelry with low nickel content, you may be able to wear belly rings made of other materials, like sterling silver belly button rings or gold belly button rings.

Style – Some people prefer to wear captive bead rings as belly button jewelry, but bent barbells are the most popular style of belly ring. Initially, you may wear a plain bent barbell as your belly button piercing starter jewelry, but once your piercing is fully healed, there are endless belly ring options available to you! Choose from dangle belly rings, jeweled belly rings, cool belly button rings with fimo (clay) decorations on them, and many other styles.Gem Flower Belly Button Rings

Size – 14 gauge belly button rings with 7/16″-long shafts are more common than any other size, but we carry belly rings in many other sizes. In fact, Painful Pleasures has one of the world’s largest selections of navel rings with more length, gauge and style choices than you’ll find anywhere else online. Choose from 10g, 12g and 14g belly button rings in a variety of lengths. We even have an entire section dedicated to longer pregnancy belly rings, so you can continue to rock your hot belly piercing throughout your pregnancy! If you need a barbell in a larger or smaller gauge than the more common 10-14g sizes, we can special order custom belly button rings that meet your exact specifications, or you can shop our large selection of bent barbells which come in a wide variety of gauges and lengths.


Ready to Start Shopping for Belly Rings?

Once you have an idea of the material, style and size belly ring you want, check out our Belly Button Rings section as a whole, or jump to a specific product category by clicking one of the links below.

  • Add a pop of color to any ensemble with our Acrylic Belly Rings, which come with balls in fun styles, dangly charms, and other cool acrylic decorative ends. (Most of these belly rings have surgical steel shafts.)
  • Add a little Asian flare to your wardrobe with one of our Bali Belly Rings from Indonesia.
  • Show off your svelte waist with one of our Belly Chains, which are available in stand-alone styles (i.e. back chains that you can wear whether or not you have your belly pierced) and paired with a belly ring (i.e. pierced belly chains, where the chain threads through a belly ring).
  • Add a little glitz, glam and sparkle to your outfit with our Crystal Explosion Navel Rings and Jeweled Belly Rings!
  • If you want a cool belly button ring with a unique decorative end, check out our Fimo Clay Belly Rings. These have cute clay decorations on them.Grapes Belly Button Ring | Dangle Belly Rings
  • For a more sophisticated look, check out our Gold Belly Button Rings. They’re available with matching jeweled tops and in a variety of other styles. Choose from yellow 14k gold belly rings, white gold belly button jewelry and other options.
  • Sports fans love our Baseball Belly Button Rings and NFL Football Belly Rings, which feature popular football and baseball team logos.
  • Our Dangly Belly Button Rings will catch the light and draw attention to your sexy belly button piercing as they sway beneath a cropped top or bikini.
  • Navel Shields fill the belly button and/or frame it with a pretty charm.
  • For a belly button ring with some old-school charm, check out our Vintage & Opal Belly Rings.
  • Express yourself with a Logo Belly Button Rings that features a fun phrase or little icon, like a smiley face or heart.
  • We have Pregnancy Belly Rings with extra-long barbells so you can comfortably wear throughout your pregnancy. After having your baby, cut the BioFlex barbell shorter to fit your post-baby body and keep wearing it!
  • PTFE BioFlex Belly Button Rings allow you to cut the shaft to the perfect length for you. Plus, they’re made of a flexible material that’s super comfortable to wear.
  • Top Down or Reverse Belly Button Rings are a cool alternative to traditional navel rings. The decorative part starts at the top of your piercing instead of at the bottom of the belly ring shaft. These are especially great types of belly rings for those with lower belly piercings.Red Dragonfly Belly Button Rings
  • Why settle for a plain bent barbell when you can shop our Unique Belly Button Rings to find a navel ring with a cute charm that suits your personality?
  • Venus Hoop Belly Button Rings are lovely belly rings. Each includes a ball surrounded by a hoop that nestles into the belly button with several dangling beads below.
  • Let the world know your sign at a glance with one of our Zodiac Belly Rings!
  • We offer a variety of Titanium Belly Button Rings and Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings like captive bead rings, bent barbells, and other designs. These are especially ideal for people with metal allergies.
  • Outside of our main Belly Rings section, you’ll find captive bead rings and bent barbells that can be worn in belly button piercings.

Happy shopping!

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