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How to Put on a Nipple Shield

Learn how to properly put on a drop-down nipple shield, a circular nipple shield, and a non-piercing nipple shield in this helpful article. We've included step-by-step instructions and illustrations for your benefit, as well as tips for creating fake nipple rings out of classic captive bead rings, for those who love the look of pierced nipples but aren't ready to take the plunge.
by Emily Starkman Last Updated: December 16, 2021

Penguin Nipple ShieldsPutting on a nipple shield can be tricky the first time. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide that covers how to properly put on 3 different types of nipple shields: drop-down nipple shields, circular nipple shields, and non piercing nipple shields. We even included some easy tips for converting piercing jewelry into fake nipple rings, for those who love the look of nipple rings but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and have their nipples pierced.

Before You Begin…

Please note that it’s important to keep your nipple jewelry clean. Wash it with warm, soapy water (using antibacterial soap) before inserting it into a nipple piercing. Wear clean, disposable gloves when handling your jewelry whenever possible. If gloves are unavailable, wash your hands well with antibacterial soap and warm water first.

Putting on a Nipple Shield

The best way to put on a nipple shield depends on whether it’s a drop-down nipple shield or a circular nipple shield. We’ll start with the drop-down variety.

How to Put on a Drop-Down Nipple Shield

Place the nipple shield over your nipple, lining the holes up with your piercing holes. Slide the barbell through the outer loop, then into your piercing and out through the other side.
1) Place the nipple shield over your nipple so the 2 loops at the top line up with your fistula (i.e. hole where you were pierced). 2) Slide the barbell through the outside loop, through your fistula, and out through the other loop.
Screw on the inner ball, and you're good to go! Another view of the nipple shield once on.
3) Screw on the inner ball, and you’re good to go! Here’s what a properly-placed drop-down nipple shield looks like after it’s been put on.

How to Put on a Circular Nipple Shield

Place circular nipple shield over your nipple, taking care to line up the indentations with the holes on either side of your piercing. Push the nipple shield against your breast & slide the barbell through your piercing so it's nestled in the indentations on the nipple shield.
1) Place the center of the nipple shield over your nipple. If it has indentations on 2 sides for the barbell to rest in, make sure they’re lined up with your fistula (i.e. piercing hole). 2) Slide the barbell through your piercing. You may need to push the shield into your breast as you do this, so that the barbell goes through over top of the shield as shown above.
Screw on the other ball, and you're done putting on your nipple shield! Another view of a circular nipple shield after it's been put on.
3) Screw on the opposite ball, and you’re done! Here’s what a properly-placed circular nipple shield looks like. Note how the barbell is over top of the shield, resting in the appropriate indentations on either side of the shield.

About Our Drop-Down Nipple Shields

Our drop-down nipple shields are made a bit differently than most you’ll find. We make the loops that the barbell passes through a little bigger to allow larger-gauge straight barbells to pass through them. They can accept 10g barbells or smaller without a problem. (Note: You may be able to get an 8g barbell through with some work, but try at your own risk.)

Drop-Down Nipple Shields          Assembled Drop-Down Nipple Shield

About Our Circular Nipple Shields

Our circular nipple shields can be worn with any size straight barbell, because the barbell passes over the shield rather than through holes in it. You should be able to wear anywhere from an 18g barbell to an 8g or larger barbell with our circular nipple shields. However, we recommend wearing a barbell no smaller than 14g, to minimize the chances of your jewelry migrating or the piercing rejecting.

  Another View of an Unassembled Circular Nipple Shield          Unassembled Circular Nipple Shield

To see our full selection of nipple shields, nipple rings, barbells and other nipple jewelry, check out our Nipple Rings section, or jump right to our Nipple Shields section.

Putting on Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry & Fake Nipple Rings

Non-piercing Circular Nipple Shield

If you’d like to add a sexy touch to your wardrobe but don’t want to take the plunge and get your nipples pierced, check out our non piercing nipple jewelry. It’s easy to slip on a non-piercing nipple shield; just slide it over your nipple, widening the gap in between the prongs first if its too narrow. Squeeze the prongs gently to re-tighten them once they’re positioned on either side of your nipple, if needed.

If you want fake nipple rings rather than standard non-piercing nipple jewelry that looks more like regular nipple shields, try using captive bead rings (CBRs) without the beads inserted. CBRs in a softer material like niobium will be easily pliable, so you can widen the gap in each loop until it’s just the right width to slip over your nipple without falling off. As with the non-piercing nipple shields, you can then gently squeeze either side of the ring to tighten it against your nipple, if needed.

If you’re looking for something even more risqué, nipple clamps can also be loads of fun in the bedroom!

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