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Nipple Piercing Pictures & Genital Piercing Pictures

If you're looking for nipple piercing photos and male and female genital piercing pictures, join our Body Mod Photo Gallery! Members over 18 will have full access to our photo gallery after logging in. Learn how to create an account and start viewing all the male and female mature tattoo and piercing photos you want now.
by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Once you’re a member of our photo gallery and have chosen to enable mature content, you can see all of the nipple piercing pictures, male genital piercing pictures, and female genital piercing pictures our members have posted. You must be 18 or older to sign up for an account. Please read the Rules of the Gallery before signing up for an account. After that, visit our Body Mod Photo Gallery and click the sign-up link on the top-right side of the page to create an account. Please do not include any vulgar/sexually-explicit words or phrases in the username you select when you sign up.

Once logged in to your new gallery account, you can post photos of your own using the “upload photo” link on the right side of the page, or you can jump right to viewing photos pictures our members have shared, including the mature photos in these sections:Male Nipple Piercing & Tattoo Picture Posted by a Painful Pleasures Gallery Member

Within each of the male and female genital piercing pictures sections, you’ll find specific subcategories like HCH and VCH piercing pictures, PA piercing pictures, frenum piercing pictures, and much more.

If you need help using the gallery or want to learn more about the features available to you, please reference our article, How to Use the Gallery. One of the things you’ll learn in that handy guide is how to upload a profile photo. We ask that you do NOT use an explicit photo as your profile picture. Profile pictures do not go through moderation the same way that other photos do, but when we catch inappropriate profile pictures and they aren’t changed upon request, you risk being banned from the gallery. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with this matter.

When you’re finally ready to start sharing photos of your own, please note that they will not show up in the gallery immediately after you post them. You have to wait for a moderator to approve every photo you upload. Uploading the same photo repeatedly will not help it get approved any faster. Our moderators are volunteers helping in their personal time, but they do their best to review all newly-submitted photos within 24-48 hours. As long as your photos are relevant (i.e. contain shots of body mods of any variety) and high resolution, there should be no issue with them getting approved. If there is a problem with the content or quality of your photos, someone from Painful Pleasures will attempt to contact you to explain the issue. If several days pass and you do not see your photos posted in the New Photos section and you have not received an email about your photos, you can reach out to us by emailing Please include your username, the email address you registered with (if different from the address you’re emailing from), your name, and the approximate date you uploaded your photos in your message to our support team.

Happy viewing and posting!
The Painful Pleasures Team

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