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Belly Button Rings & Jewelry

Belly Button Jewelry

Belly button piercings are more common and popular today than ever before, and for good reason: they’re fun, cute, eye-catching, and sexy — the perfect accent to any warm-weather look. 

If you already have a navel piercing and are looking for new belly button rings, you’ve come to the right place. We carry navel jewelry that fits any budget, with hundreds of styles and designs to choose from. All our belly button rings are made from high-quality materials including stainless surgical steel, BioPlastic, titanium, and PTFE. You can choose from hundreds of charms, jewels, and other decorations, or you can personalize your own navel jewelry look by combining various posts and balls from our collection.

Types of Belly Piercing Rings & Navel Jewelry

For a playful sparkle that will be sure to draw some attention to your midriff, take a look at our jeweled belly button rings. There are hundreds of jewels and styles available, including customizable styles that allow you to pick your own jewelry material, finish, and jewel color.

If you’re looking for something with a little more movement, check out our collection of dangly belly button jewelry. You’ll find dozens of adorable dangling charms and jewels, each topped with a high-quality surgical steel post and top ball. 

For an undeniably sexy and sophisticated look, we offer dozens of gold belly button rings. Our 14-karat white and yellow gold pieces are the best quality you’ll find online, set with beautiful jewels and diamonds that will be sure to leave an impression.

We also carry more specialized and specific varieties of belly button jewelry. Check out our wide selection of navel shields and navel clickers, Venus hoop belly rings, pregnancy navel rings, and reverse belly button rings for those looking to flip their belly button fashion. 

Want to Know More About Belly Button Rings & Piercing Jewelry?

If you’re interested in getting a navel piercing but have never gotten a piercing before, or if you’re curious about belly button piercings specifically and have a few questions, check out our belly button piercings FAQ. There you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about belly button piercings and belly button rings, like: How much does a navel piercing cost? What is the best material for belly button rings? How long does it take a belly button piercing to heal?