About Us

About PainfulPleasures

Committed to our customers, PainfulPleasures has the supplies you need, in-stock, and shipped fast.

Founded in 1999, PainfulPleasures began with the goal to provide the widest variety of tattoo supplies, piercing supplies, and body jewelry in the world. Since then, the PainfulPleasures brand and vision has expanded and come to fruition. We keep pace with this exciting, ever-evolving industry by offering an unmatched selection of products, from body jewelry and studio equipment to state-of-the-art tattoo and piercing supplies. Browse our site for products from popular brands like Kwadron, Cheyenne, Eternal, Dynamic, A Pound of Flesh, Recovery, Precision, and Peak. If you have a vision, we have the supplies to make it happen.


Our Devotion to Our Customers

Processing your requests, filling your orders, and bringing them to your door on time.

PainfulPleasures is proud to be a go-to online store for a multitude of clientele: independent tattoo artists and piercers, shop or business owners, and the general pierced and tattooed community seeking body jewelry, aftercare, or apparel. In order to support this industry that we love, PainfulPleasures is one hundred percent devoted to providing optimal customer service. Our warehouse in Hanover, MD is stocked and updated regularly to make sure we have the latest and greatest supplies for our valued customers. We are committed to ensuring every order is processed and filled accurately, packaged with care, and ready for pick-up or delivery.


Our Vision

Always looking forward.

The tattoo and body piercing industry is one full of inspiration, passion, and artistic expression. We are enthusiastic about being a prime member of such an exciting community. As we grow, we never wane in our mission to provide the widest selection of premium tattoo and piercing supplies available, as well as the best customer service for our valued clients.