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Dermal Tops

Dermal Piercing Jewelry Tops

Dermal piercings allow you to decorate your body with a wide variety of stunning dermal jewelry tops. Outline the curve of your hip, accessorize a tattoo with a couple of gems, or decorate a finger with a cross shape. The possibilities are endless with dermal jewelry!

We stock hundreds of durable dermal anchor tops in multiple materials and designs. Dermal tops at PainfulPleasures are available with your choice of internal or external threading, with and without inset jewels.

How to Choose the Perfect Dermal Top

Dermal tops come in a few signature materials. Understand what style you prefer and which materials are ideal for people with skin allergies and sensitivities.

Titanium Dermal Tops

Titanium dermal tops are stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum, making them a popular option. Titanium is a more inert metal, making it less likely to cause a skin reaction.

Surgical Steel Dermal Tops

Surgical steel is a highly functional, tough metal that also allows for fun and flexibility in the dermal top design. Stainless steel dermal jewelry tops are another smart choice if you’re seeking hypoallergenic jewelry.

Sterling Silver Dermal Jewelry

Add a shimmer of silver to your look by topping your dermal piercings with sterling silver dermal tops in cool shapes like skulls or flowers.

Gold Microdermal Tops

Add a touch of decadence to your dermal piercing jewelry with gold dermal tops available in stunning designs like crescent moons and fleurs-de-lis.

Jeweled Dermal Jewelry

Turn heads and make a statement with internally threaded and micro-beaded jeweled dermal tops!

Sterilizing Your Dermal Jewelry

Aftercare and reliable cleaning of your dermal jewelry are paramount to avoid infection and prevent your new dermal anchor from migrating out of the piercing. Be sure to wear loose clothing, get plenty of sleep, and regularly clean and change your bandage in the first few weeks after you get your dermal piercing.

For more details about sterilizing and taking care of your piercing and dermal jewelry, read our complete guide on dermal piercings.