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Prince Albert Jewelry

Prince Albert Piercing Jewelry

Prince Albert piercings top the list of most sought-after genital piercings for men. Ensure your PA ring, wand, or barbell is durable, well-fitted, and long-lasting when you shop Prince Albert jewelry at PainfulPleasures.

Types of Prince Albert Jewelry

Understand the basic types and shapes of Prince Albert jewelry so you can choose your piercing position and enhance your piercing play in the bedroom.

Prince Albert Ring

Circular barbells, also called captive bead rings or simply a Prince Albert ring, are popular starter jewelry options for first-timers and people who choose a PA piercing for sexual pleasure.

Prince Albert Curved Barbell

Curved barbells are also smart starter Prince Albert piercing jewelry options. The curved shape perfectly suits the traditional position of the piercing’s entry and exit points. The positioning of a curved barbell or Prince Albert ring allows you to stimulate a partner’s G-spot when having intercourse from behind.

Prince Albert Wand

A Prince Albert wand piercing consists of a hollow tube with a threaded cap at the end. Typically, a Prince Albert wand will also have a stem that exits through the PA piercing hole on either the top or underside of the penile shaft. You can remove the threaded cap on the end so you can urinate through the hollow tube without removing your Prince Albert jewelry.

Men who enjoy urethral play, or sounding, should consider a Prince Albert wand.

Reverse Prince Albert Jewelry

A reverse Prince Albert piercing is placed on the top of the penile shaft instead of the underside. The opposite end still protrudes out through the urethral opening. This jewelry placement makes intercourse most pleasurable for your partner in missionary and other front-facing positions.

How to Choose the Right PA Piercing Jewelry for You

Since Prince Albert piercings are done in a sensitive area, it’s crucial to find a trusted, experienced piercer and think about the positioning of your Prince Albert piercing jewelry before you commit. Read our Prince Albert piercing guide to learn more about the piercing process, aftercare, and deciding what Prince Albert piercing will best suit your lifestyle.

No matter what body jewelry you want, you can find competitive prices, dazzling designs, and high-quality craftsmanship at PainfulPleasures.