Fake Gauges & Fake Plug Earrings

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Fake Gauges & Fake Plug Earrings

Fake Plug Earrings

If you like the look of plugs and other large gauge jewelry, but you're not ready to stretch your ears, then you'll love our fake plugs and fake gauge earrings!

What Are Fake Plug Earrings?

Ear Plugs and gauges are made to fit piercings that have been stretched beyond the standard 20 gauge piercing size. Achieving this look takes time, commitment, and patience. Fake ear gauges allow anyone with a standard-size piercing to achieve the look of stretched piercings with zero pain and zero commitment. They mimic the look of plugs by “hiding” the standard gauge barbell between two pieces of jewelry that screw together on either side of the earlobe. This creates the look of one continuous piece of jewelry and a stretched piercing. These faux gage earrings offer the best of both worlds for those who enjoy the look of both large gauge jewelry and standard earrings.

Types of Fake Gauges

Fake gauge earrings come in a variety of styles and colors and can mimic different size plugs, usually up to a 00 gauge plug. You can also mimic the look of ear hangers and weights with faux ear hangers.

Sizing Options for Fake Plug & Gauge Earrings

There are two sizes to consider when you purchase fake plugs and gauges. The first is the size of your actual piercing; the second is the size of the gauge you are trying to mimic. Most fake plugs are designed to fit 20 to 18 g piercings, though some are as large as 16 gauges. This slightly larger size can often be worn by anyone with a standard piercing, but some might find a 16 g uncomfortable, so be sure to check the size of the barbell before you buy. The decorative front and backs of fake gauges often measure about 8 - 10 mm wide, allowing you to achieve a 0 - 00 g look.