Tongue Rings & Tongue Piercing Jewelry

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Tongue Rings & Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Tongue Rings

Tongue rings and other types of tongue piercing jewelry instantly add intrigue and style to any aesthetic. Shop eye-catching tongue jewelry at Painful Pleasures in high-quality materials. Many pieces feature charms, graphics, or designs.

Types of Tongue Ring Jewelry & Tongue Barbells

Whether you want a simple tongue stud or elaborate tongue piercing rings, weigh the tongue ring material options before buying.

Surgical Steel Tongue Rings

This popular, durable alloy forms the backbone of many popular straight barbells and tongue rings. It delivers strength at a great price.

Titanium Tongue Rings

Titanium tongue rings don’t contain nickel, making this lightweight material the perfect option for people with allergies or sensitivities.

Plastic Tongue Rings

Consider ordering acrylic or silicone tongue rings if you prefer clear or transparent coloring or if you’re searching for greater barbell flexibility.

BioFlex Tongue Rings

The specialty plastic material BioFlex creates strong yet flexible tongue jewelry that won’t damage your teeth if you bite down. It’s a terrific option for anyone with an oral fixation who enjoys sucking or chewing on their tongue ring.

How to Care for Your Tongue Piercing

After a professional pierces your tongue and starts you off with a 14g straight barbell, focus on your tongue piercing aftercare regimen so you can replace your starter ring with any style or size tongue ring you wish. Our tongue piercing FAQ details the best practices for a quick recovery, from sticking to soft foods for a week to rinsing with saline solution several times a day.

How to Stretch Your Tongue Piercing

If you want to increase the gauge of your tongue piercing, we cover how to safely and effectively stretch your tongue piercing on our FAQ. By adding latex stretching tape to your tongue piercing jewelry and slowly going up sizes, you can work your way to any size in our custom titanium tongue barbells: from 14g to 0g. No matter what gauge or style you prefer, we have the ideal tongue jewelry in a range of prices at Painful Pleasures.