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Acrylic Eyebrow Rings

Acrylic Eyebrow Rings - The name \"acrylic eyebrow rings\" may give you the impression that this type of eyebrow piercing jewelry is made entirely from acrylic, but that\'s just a common misconception. Most acrylic eyebrow rings have two colorful acrylic balls on either end of a circular barbell, a micro straight barbell or a micro bent barbell, or they may have a single acrylic ball held in place by the tension of a captive bead ring. Whichever style of eyebrow piercing jewelry you choose, you\'ll likely find that the shaft connecting the acrylic balls is made from either 316L surgical stainless steel or implant-grade titanium. That way, the part of the eyebrow ring that goes through your fistula (piercing hole) is made from a material that\'s least likely to trigger an allergic reaction the way lesser metals sometimes can.

When choosing acrylic eyebrow rings to add to your collection, consider getting 16 gauge jewelry. (Some people prefer 18g or even 14g, but it\'s best to stick to the size you\'re currently wearing until you\'re ready to size up or down so that you can insert your new jewelry as easily as possible.) As for the length or diameter you choose, 3/8\" and 5/16\" are the two most common sizes. If you know you need a longer or shorter barbell or a wider or narrower eyebrow ring, by all means, pick the size that\'s best for you. These are just guidelines to help those who are still learning what the best size eyebrow ring is for them.