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Alla Prima Ink - If you\'re an old school tattoo artist and love to mix your own pigments, then Alla Prima Ink is the perfect choice for you. Joshua Carlton and John Montgomery developed Alla Prima tattoo inks with the goal of providing tattoo artists with a superior selection of safe stable tattoo pigments that perform consistently and deliver one great-looking tattoo after another. Alla Prima is the stable pigment-based tattoo ink on the market today, and currently the only stable tattoo ink Painful Pleasures offers.

Alla Prima tattoo inks are vegan-friendly and contain only organic pigments derived from nature. They\'re free of PET plastic, acrylic and solvents. Choose from a full spectrum of Alla Prima ink colors offered in 3 different sized bottles as well as in larger tattoo ink sets. Mix your Alla Prima Ink with the sterile water available below to keep your pigments pure.

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