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BioFlex Straight Barbells (PTFE)

What is BioFlex?

Our BioFlex straight barbells (also called BioPlastic or BioPlast straight barbells) are made from soft, flexible PTFE. PTFE is a wonderful material for oral piercings, nipple piercings, scaffold ear piercings, frenum piercings, and some other male genital piercings, because it isn\'t rigid like stainless steel and titanium. BioPlast tongue rings can help you avoid chipping a tooth, and they\'re less likely to cause gum recession compared to metal jewelry.

Types of BioFlex Straight Barbell Jewelry

Choose from a variety of BioFlex straight barbells, including solid-colored flexible straight barbells, BioPlast straight barbells featuring stripes, swirls and flowers, and other PTFE straight barbell options. If you need to adjust the length of the BioFlex barbell you choose, cut the shaft as desired and add new threads to either end with our PTFE threading tool before re-attaching the balls. If you\'re looking for steel, titanium or acrylic ends to pair with your BioFlex straight barbell shaft, visit our Externally-Threaded Ends section.

Sterilize Your BioPlast Barbells

PTFE straight barbells can be autoclaved. Add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" options to cart to have us sterilize your new BioFlex straight barbell for you before shipping it to you.