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BioPlast Labret Jewelry

BioPlast Labret Jewelry

The PTFE used to make our BioPlast labret stud shafts is comprised of ethylene co-polymers. It\'s a new generation of low-density specialty polymers that bridge the gap between conventional polyolefins and elastomers. These \"exact plastomers\" as they\'re called combine many of the physical properties of rubber with the processing advantages of thermoplastic. The end result is BioPlast labret studs that are autoclavable (with a melting point between 97ºF-120ºF), comfortable and non-irritating even for those with sensitive skin.

What Are BioPlast Labret Studs Made Of?

Each of our BioPlast labret studs is made from soft, flexible, hypoallergenic PTFE. BioPlast labret studs make some of the most comfortable body jewelry you can find to wear in lip, nose and ear cartilage piercings, and we offer these flexible labret studs with more end designs than you can imagine! Shop for BioPlast labret studs with 14k gold star ends, jeweled discs, and other fun labret jewelry ends. The ends for our BioPlast labret studs aren\'t threaded; they just snap in and out of the BioPlast labret shafts.