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BioPlast Nose Rings - Flexible, comfortable BioPlast nose rings are a great alternative to rigid metal nostril piercing jewelry. We offer a variety of different types of BioPlast nose screws, some of which come with decorative ends permanently attached to them and others that come with interchangeable ends. Additionally, we carry an assortment of different ends that work with our BioPlast nose rings, so you can change up your look easily by popping in a jeweled end, cone, ball, or other style of BioPlast end as desired. You can also buy BioPlast converters that will allow you to wear threaded ends with your BioPlast nose screw, giving you even more options from which to choose.

BioPlast is autoclavable, with a melting point between 97ºF and 120ºF. If you\'d like us to autoclave the BioPlast nose rings you order from us so they\'re ready to wear as soon as you receive them, simply add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" options to cart for each BioPlast nose ring and/or end you\'d like us to autoclave for you.