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BioTouch Microblading Pigments

BioTouch is one of the leading manufacturers and trainers in the cosmetic tattoo industry. They achieve the most successful results with their BioTouch pigments. BioTouch permanent makeup is formulated with Iron Oxides to ensure that their permanent makeup pigments are safe and effective. The company currently offers more than 38 colors from their Pure, Micro and Double Drop lines, including 4 corrector pigments and kits designed specifically for tattooing permanent makeup eyebrows, eyeliner, lip tones, and more.

BioTouch Pigment Ingredients: How It Works

The compounds found in all shades of BioTouch permanent makeup allow BioTouch pigments to be absorbed into the skin more completely and with less fading and truer colors than you\'ll find with other brands of permanent makeup tattoo ink. While you work with BioTouch permanent makeup pigments, you\'ll find that they\'re consistent, stay smooth while you tattoo, and dry slowly for long-lasting results. (Note: BioTouch permanent makeup black pigments are carbon-based, which minimizes the chance of clients having an allergic reaction to this line of cosmetic tattoo inks.)