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Bishop Rotary Tattoo machines are famous for being some of the lightest tattoo machines in the industry. Each Bishop machine weighs a mere 4 oz. or less and has a balanced design that flows with the weight of the tube. As a result, these machines feel virtually weightless, preventing wrist pain, easing carpal tunnel symptoms, and allowing artists to work longer. 

So how does Bishop achieve that feather-light feel without sacrificing durability? They construct all of their machines from lightweight aircraft aluminum that’s been anodized to aircraft industry standards for finish and wear resistance. Each machine is hand-assembled for a precise fit and hand-polished to ensure tight tolerances and excellent finishes. 

But it isn’t just the light weight that makes artists love Bishop machines – it’s the power and accuracy as well. Bishop machines contain a Swiss-made Maxon motor that generates a linear needle motion and uses a \"Needle Clip,” eliminating the need for rubber bands. The clip holds the needle in place and prevents lateral motion, allowing artists to pick away at ultra-fine details. To top it all off, Bishop tattoo machines are backed by a lifetime warranty, so your investment is always protected.

Types of Bishop Tattoo Machines

Whether you prefer to tattoo with traditional rotary machines, pen-style tattoo machines, or fully wireless machines, Bishop does it all!

Bishop Wand Tattoo Machines

Bishop’s Wand tattoo machine series features three pen-style tattoo machines that are endorsed by renowned tattoo artists such as Big Sleeps, Carlos Torres, David Vega, Nikko Hurtado, and Victor Chill. Each wand is specifically designed to help you perfect your lining, shading, or color packing:

  • The Liner Wand’s fixed 5mm stroke is perfect for line work of all types, black work, and dot work.
  • The Shader Wand features a 3.5mm stroke and a powerful motor with built-in give, perfect for soft shading.
  • The Packer Wand’s 4.2mm stroke makes it ideal for packing rich color, and its powerful motor lets you do so quickly without sacrificing the quality of your work.

Critical X Bishop

Like their original line of tattoo wands, Bishop’s Critical X Power Wand series offers three pen-style rotary machines designed for lining, shading, or packing. The difference? The Critical X Power Wand machines are completely wireless, offering you ultimate convenience as you tattoo.

Fantom Rotary

The Fantom Rotary weighs in at a shockingly low 1.7 ounces, enabling artists to work for hours on complex pieces without fatigue or cramping. But don’t be fooled – this lightweight machine still packs a powerful punch. Its high-end medical grade motor means you won’t have to sacrifice power for lightweight construction.

V6 Rotary

While the V6 Rotary Machine isn’t as light as the Fantom, it still feels nearly weightless in your hand thanks to its ingenious design. The weight of the machine flows with the tube weight, providing unmatched balance and saving artists from wrist pain as they work on complex tattoos.

Microangelo Rotary

The Microangelo Rotary is the first tattoo machine to offer interchangeable 3.5 and 4.2 magnetic cams, making it versatile enough for both lining and shading. 

Bishop Tattoo Equipment & Accessories

Whether you’re working with a wireless Critical X Power Wand or a V6 Rotary, we have all of the additional equipment and accessories you need to make your Bishop machine perform at its best. From RCA cords to replacement springs, you’ll find all the Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine parts you need here at Painful Pleasures. 

Ready to save your hands and wrists from unnecessary injuries and get a great tattoo machine in the process? Shop our full collection of Bishop Tattoo Machines and accessories now!