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PainfulPleasures is proud to carry the best tattoo supplies in the world, and Cheyenne tattoo equipment is undoubtedly among the best. Since 2006, Cheyenne has designed innovative and high-end tattoo equipment in collaboration with select tattoo artists from around the world. If you’re looking for durable, beautiful, and versatile tattoo machines and equipment, you’re looking for Cheyenne tattoo.  

Types of Cheyenne Tattoo Pens & Machines

Cheyenne tattoo machines and motors are renowned for their power, reliability, precision, and sleek aesthetic. We carry the industry-favorite Cheyenne Hawk Pen in a variety of colors, as well as their Sol Luna, Sol Terra, Thunder and Spirit models. You can buy the motors by themselves, or add value by purchasing one of our Hawk or Spirit packages, which includes the motor, a grip, and 15 boxes of Cheyenne needles. 


The Cheyenne Hawk Pen tattoo machine was a revolution in the industry as the first pen-style machine. It’s earned a reputation for being ergonomic, powerful, and precise, giving you maximum comfort and control as you work. With a 3.5 mm stroke, it’s Cheyenne’s “all-rounder,” designed for both lining and shading.


Like the Hawk Pen, the Cheyenne Sol Nova tattoo machine is a popular pen-style tattoo machine known for its precision, comfortable grip, and versatility. It’s even lighter and more powerful than the Hawk Pen, making it a favorite of artists around the world.


The Sol Nova Unlimited offers the same legendary performance as the original Sol Nova – without the wires. But going wireless isn’t the only improvement. This revolutionary machine can be used in  two modes: steady mode for an even speed with no give or responsive mode for intuitive adjustments to the surface being tattooed.


The Cheyenne Sol Terra’s proudest point is its two different operating modes, which allow it to perform as an ideal liner in Hard mode and as a traditional coil machine in Sensi mode. Worried about the noise that might come with a coil-like machine? Don’t be. Along with the Sol Luna, the Sol Terra is Cheyenne’s quietest machine. The Sol Terra has a 4mm stroke, making it perfect for lining and color packing.


The Sol Luna offers all the same, sought-after features as the Sol Terra but with a 2.5 mm stroke, making it ideal for shading.


Lightweight and precise, the Cheyenne Hawk Spirit is known for offering a top-notch tattooing experience for both artist and client. With a 2.5 mm stroke, it’s an industry favorite for soft shading and filling. 


The Hawk Thunder is a counterpart to the Hawk Spirit. It offers the same superb performance but in a 4mm stroke, making it perfect for lines, dots, and color packing.


The Cheyenne Hawk Unio Pen elevates the already superb performance of the Hawk Pen. The Unio is designed to be one of the most versatile tattoo pens, capable of handling any style. Instantly adjust your stroke range anywhere from 2.5 to 4.0 mm with a simple turn of the knob to line, shade, or color pack on demand.

Cheyenne Hawk Machines & Tattoo Kits

No matter your style, Cheyenne has a tattoo machine that fits your needs, and you won’t find it at a better price than you will at PainfulPleasures. Once you’ve found the perfect machine for your business, don’t forget to grab all the additional tattoo supplies and accessories you need for optimal performance, including tattoo needles, power supply units & cords, phono tip cords, adapter cables, and footswitches.