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Dermal Piercing Tools

Whether you\'re looking for dermal piercing needles, a dermal punch, dermal forceps, a dermal piercing training video, or other dermal tools, you\'ll find everything you need and more here in our Dermal Piercing Tools section. We even carry threaded tapers that you can screw into dermal anchor jewelry to have more control as you insert them, as well as the world\'s thinnest dermal anchor holder tool, which allows you to firmly clasp the neck of a dermal anchor and more easily unscrew the decorative dermal top attached to it. All of the dermal tools you need are just a click away!

Microdermal Piercing Tools

The terms “dermal piercing” and “microdermal piercing” are interchangeable, so don’t be confused if similar piercing tools are described with different terms. Dermal piercings require specialized tools that allow professionals to grasp the hard-to-handle anchors and tops securely. In addition to some of the most common tools listed below, many piercers also find that threaded tools and dermal anchor assistant tools make handling easier.

Types of Dermal Piercing Tools

Dermal Piercing Needles

Sharp, sterile body piercing needles are one of the most basic but important tools for offering professional-quality dermal piercings (or any body piercing). We offer some of the sharpest, pre-sterilized needles available in a variety of gauge sizes and in both straight and threaded varieties, ensuring that your shop is ready to execute any type of dermal piercing.

Dermal Punch Tools

Disposable dermal punch tools come sterilized and ready-to-use. This ensures that each client gets the sharpest, most sanitary punch possible, allowing for minimal pain and optimal healing.

Dermal Forceps

Dermal forceps are smaller than many piercing forceps and are specially designed to handle different parts of the dermal piercing with precision. Diamond-shaped forceps are ideal for handling the base of the dermal anchor, while forceps with smallers jaws (usually between 2 and 5 mm) are perfect for handling the top of the dermal anchor as well as balls and tops. We also carry the thinnest dermal forceps available; with a clasp thickness of just 1mm, these forceps are the ultimate tool for securely handling the tops of dermal anchors.

Popular Dermal Piercing Changing Tools

Despite rumors to the contrary, it’s perfectly possible for anyone with a dermal piercing to change the top of their dermal jewelry at home – you’ll just need a few tools to help you along the way. The same dermal forceps used in the shops are ideal for changing your dermal piercing tops. Diamond-shaped forceps (sometimes called anchor holders) help keep the anchor steady as you work with the top, and smaller forceps allow you to grip and unscrew the tops or hold the top of the dermal anchor.