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Fake Nipple Rings & Non Piercing Nipple Shields

Express yourself and showcase your style without the need for a piercing with fake nipple piercing jewelry from Painful Pleasures. Fake nipple rings, or faux nipple rings, and other types of non-piercing body jewelry like nipple ring shields add sensuality or excitement to any look.

Types of Fake Nipple Piercing Rings

Whether you’re searching for a simple circular ring or a dazzling nipple shield with ornate designs, we stock several high-quality fake nipple piercing jewelry options at a variety of price points.

Clip-On Nipple Piercing Rings

Clip-on nipple piercing jewelry fastens around your nipple and stays in place securely so you can wear traditional nipple piercing styles with ease.

You can turn your captive bead rings into clip-on nipple piercing rings in a few simple steps. First, pop out the ball. Fit the gap around your nipple and give the ring a gentle squeeze until it is secure around your nipple. Read our article explaining how to put on a nipple shield for other DIY tips on crafting your own faux nipple piercing jewelry.

Fake Magnetic Nipple Piercing Rings

Enjoy firm magnetic clips for pleasure in the bedroom or as part of a signature look. Magnetic nipple jewelry pinches your nipple with the magnetic strength of N42 to keep the ring comfortable all day.

Non-Piercing Nipple Ring Jewelry

Nipple shields and other non-piercing nipple jewelry empower you to glam up your nipples with a variety of eye-catching designs without the need for a piercing.

Learn more about the types of nipple shields and decide if you want a non-piercing nipple shield that more closely resembles a circular nipple shield or drop-down nipple shield. Get the best of both for a hybrid style you can rock with confidence when you shop fake nipple piercing jewelry at Painful Pleasures.