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Gold Nipple Rings

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Looking to treat yourself to some upscale body jewelry for your nipple piercing? You’ll find a piece you love in our line of gold nipple rings. 

Gold Nipple Piercing Jewelry

From the understated charm of seamless gold rings to the flirty flash of jeweled nipple rings, we have jewelry for every style. And with everything from PVD gold to 14k gold, our broad range of gold nipple piercing jewelry accommodates any budget.

Gold Nipple Barbells

Elevate your style and embrace your sensuality with our stunning gold nipple barbells. Most pieces in our collection of gold nipple barbells are PVD gold, a coating process that’s superior to traditional gold plating, ensuring that the gold completely surrounds the entire barbell and never flakes or wears away. This process makes these barbells ideal for anyone with a sensitivity to nickel or other cheaper metals, at a fraction of the price of solid gold pieces. Shop for simple, elegant designs or for barbells adorned with quirky charms and jewels.

14K Gold Nipple Rings

Add something indulgent to your body jewelry collection with a 14K gold nipple ring. More durable and scratch-resistant than 24k gold, 14k gold pieces are perfect for everyday wear.

Rose Gold Nipple Rings

Rose gold is having a moment, and you can thank its delicate, romantic aesthetic for the sudden rise in popularity.  The warm pink hues of our rose gold nipple rings contrast beautifully with any skin tone and bring a touch of charm and playfulness to your nipple ring collection.

White Gold Nipple Rings

Sleek and sophisticated, white gold nipple rings are perfect for anyone who prefers a silver-toned finish but wants the opulence and allergy-friendliness of gold.