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Gold Nose Rings

Ready to level up your body jewelry collection? Swap that stainless steel nose ring for the luxury of a gold nose ring. With a sophisticated aesthetic and a rich cultural hertiage, gold nose piercing jewelry offers the perfect blend of timeless tradition and personal expression. 

Different Styles of Gold Nose Rings

Whether you prefer a classic gold nose hoop or an embellished gold nose studs, we offer nose rings that cater to every style. Our gold nose screws and bones range from understated to eye-catching, with ends shaped like elephants, hearts, dragonflies, and more. In addition to a wide range of designs, you’ll find jewelry in rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold as well as styles embellished with real gemstones. 

All of the gold nose rings in this section are in the standard 20g-16g size range that's most popular for nostril piercings. If you're interested in purchasing a gold nose hoop or gold labret stud in a larger gauge, visit our Gold Captive Bead Rings section or our Gold Labret Jewelry section to see alternatives to the gold nose rings shown here.

Picking the Right Jewelry

Your jewelry should reflect your unique personality and style, and of course, it should be comfortable and safe. Here are a few considerations to guide your choice:

Skin Tone

The warmth of gold complements a range of skin tones. Choose between yellow, rose, or white gold nose rings based on what complements your complexion.


Make sure that you know what gauge your piercing is before you purchase new jewelry. When in doubt, call your piercer or opt for 18g, the most common size.

Personal and Cultural Expression

Your gold nose ring isn't just an accessory; it's a reflection of your journey and experiences. Pick designs that resonate with your personal narrative or cultural identity.

Metal Sensitivities

While 14k gold is usually a safe choice for most people with mild metal sensitivities, those with extreme metal sensitivities and allergies may need to opt for implant-grade titanium instead. If you have your heart set on gold, you may want to try our Bioplast nose screws that come with 14k gold ends.

Painful Pleasures is proud to offer one of the widest ranges of gagues, styles, and colors of gold nose rings at some of the best prices you’ll find online. Explore our gold nose ring collection today!