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Gold Barbells

We offer gold straight barbells in a variety of gauges and lengths so that you can wear them in your tongue piercing, nipple piercings, bridge piercing, or other body piercings. Choose from standard gold balls or upgrade your gold straight barbells with one or more of our unique gold ends. Choose from gold ends shaped like bumblebees and dragonflies, jeweled ends prong set in 14kt gold, flat gold discs, and more.

Solid 14kt Gold Barbell Body Jewelry

Our gold straight barbells are made from solid 14kt gold. They\'re precision-machined, hand-polished, and 100% guaranteed. Please be advised that, despite the superior quality of these 14kt gold straight barbells, they sometimes tarnish or become bronze colored when used in oral piercings due to the wear and tear of oral enzymes and saliva on the gold. Should you experience that issue, know that it is not plate showing through; these are solid gold straight barbells.

If desired, we can autoclave your new gold straight barbells and gold ends before shipping them to you. If you\'d like us to do that, just add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" options to cart for each piece of gold jewelry you want autoclaved.