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Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings - We offer more unique hoop earrings than you\'re likely to find anywhere else online, and we\'ve broadened our definition of \"hoop earrings\" to include some artistic styles you may never have considered otherwise. We have plugs with golden hoops threaded through them, French hook earrings with dangling hoops, traditional gold hoop earrings, captive bead rings, large gauge spiral earrings, unusual ear hanger hoops, and other styles of hoop earrings. Whether you have standard earlobe piercings requiring 20g-18g earrings or stretched lobes, we have cool hoop earrings that will fit you perfectly and that you\'re sure to adore.

Please note that not all of our hoop earrings are sold in pairs. Look for \"price per 1\" or \"price per 2\" in the product name and/or description of any hoop earrings you\'re interested in purchasing, and be sure to add 2 to cart if you want a pair of any that are sold individually.