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Internally Threaded Body Jewelry

Internally Threaded Jewelry

Threading appears on any body jewelry that includes a bead or decorative end that screws onto a barbell. You have two options: internal or external threading.

Internally threaded earrings and jewelry feature threading on the inside of the barbell and the outside of the bead or ball. Internally threaded jewelry slips smoothly through your piercing, so the threading doesn’t damage or irritate the skin. Choose internally threaded body jewelry from PainfulPleasures for high-quality accessories that limit friction and look terrific!

Types of Internally Threaded Piercing Jewelry

You can choose between externally threaded and internally threaded jewelry for any major piercing that includes two ends like a barbell and bead

Nose Stud Jewelry

Avoid tearing your thin nose piercing with internally threaded nose stud jewelry. Your nose rings and studs attach easily and safely right after your piercing if you buy pieces with internal threading.

Internally Threaded Septum Ring

Your septum, located on the inside of your nose, is sensitive tissue prone to irritation. Internally threaded septum rings and jewelry empower you to try various styles and gauge sizes without scratching the threading on your septum piercing.

Nipple Jewelry

Nipple piercing jewelry and shields are a breeze to install when you order internally threaded nipple jewelry. Protect this sensitive area during the healing process.

Tongue Ring Balls

Who wants to scratch their tongue piercing? Not us. Keep your piercing clean and agitation-free with tongue rings and jewelry that feature internal threading.

Barbell Ends

No matter where you install your barbells, you can shop a wide selection of internally threaded barbell ends at PainfulPleasures in different gauges, materials, colors, sizes, and styles.

How to Put In An Internally Threaded Earring?

First, sterilize your earring or other pieces of body jewelry, and thread the barbell through your piercing with gentle pressure. Then, attach the ball, clasp, or bead onto the barbell. Slowly twist the ball or clasp until it is firmly attached. That’s all there is to it!

PainfulPleasures is your go-to online destination for head-turning internally threaded body jewelry made of quality materials at an affordable price.