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Organic Plugs - Shop for organic plugs in a variety of unique styles and materials for your stretched ears and other stretched piercings. We offer stone plugs, wood plugs, horn plugs, teardrop plugs crafted from horn, bone and stone, heart-shaped plugs, custom wooden plugs made to order from your choice of exotic woods, laser engraved custom plugs featuring your graphics or one of our preset designs, and other unique organic plugs. Whichever option you choose, you should wipe down your organic plugs with a damp cloth once a week. Periodically, you should also massage a small amount of jojoba oil into the horn and wood portions of your organic plugs to maintain the material\'s moisture and prevent cracking. Alternatively, you can use tea tree oil to moisturize wood plugs.

Tip: Massage a small amount of emu oil into the tissue around your piercings twice a day for a week leading up to a stretch. Emu oil naturally enhances the skin\'s elasticity, reducing the chances of a stretch causing microscopic tears in your flesh that could make you susceptible to infection. If you\'d like to read more stretching tips that can be applied to stretching any piercing, check out our Ear Stretching FAQs. If you need help figuring out what size heart- or teardrop-shaped plugs you should get, read our How to Measure Organic Body Jewelry article.