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Panthera Ink Tattoo Ink

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Panthera Tattoo Ink, created by Italian-based tattoo ink manufacturer Futura, offers some of the finest black tattoo ink on the market today.

Panthera Tattoo Ink

It may be a relatively small line of tattoo inks, but there\'s nothing small about the effect Panthera black ink will have on the tattoos you create. As they say on their website, Panthera Ink will \"bring life to your tattoos\". Panthera Ink\'s black liner ink holds its color better than any other black tattoo ink available, so the black in your clients\' tattoos will stay dark as night for years to come. Check out this line of black ink imported from Italy, and we guarantee that the results you get from Panthera Ink will amaze you.

Panthera Black Ink Ingredients

Of course, Panthera keeps its exact formula top secret, but you can rest assured that Panthera ink ingredients are held to some of the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. Panthera selects and meticulously processes their pigments themselves and runs voluntary tests on both their raw materials and final product batches to ensure safety and quality. All of their products are vegan and fully sterilized.

Panthera Tattoo Ink Sets

A Panthera ink set is the most affordable way to stock your black ink collection with all Panthera ink. Whether you’re lining, shading, or filling tribal tattoos, the 4 Bottle Kit of Panthera Tattoo Ink has every shade you need. Or for a grey wash ink set that lives up to the Panthera name, try Ralf Nonnweiler’s Artist Series collaboration with Panthera.