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Peak Tattoo Needles

Peak strives to offer the “Peak of Tattooing Technology,” and Peak needles are no exception. Peak tattoo needle cartridges have earned a reputation in the industry for being some of the most stable and reliable – not to mention having some of the boldest colors. 

Types of Peak Cartridge Needles

Quartz Cartridges

The Quartz Cartridge boasts a state-of-the-art stabilizer, keeping the needle exactly where you need it as you work and providing just the right amount of tension. 

Blood Cartridges

For superior fluidity, while still maintaining even tension, try the eye-catching Blood Cartridge.

Onyx Cartridges

Artists turn to Onyx Cartridges for their precision, control, reliability, and unique inner membrane that prevents ink splatters and spit-back.

Triton Cartridges

Triton cartridges feature linear technology, utilizing a plunger ball to keep your needles steady and your lines bold and crisp during every tattoo session. 

Cerus PMU Cartridges

Cerus PMU Cartridges are a favorite among PMU artists everywhere for achieving consistent, natural-looking micro pigmentation. 

All Peak tattoo needles put your clients’ safety first with an inner membrane to prevent backflow and contamination. So whether you’re shading, lining, or packing, you can trust Peak cartridges to help you tattoo at your peak.