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Pincher Horseshoe Rings

Pincher Horseshoe Rings - Pincher horseshoe rings are somewhere in between circular barbells and captive rings, because they\'re shaped much like circular barbells but are often paired with O-rings to hold them in place. Pincher horseshoe rings make great jewelry for a variety of piercings, including septum piercings, nipple piercings and even earlobe piercings. Choose from a variety of pincher horseshoe rings made from titanium, steel, niobium, glass, and natural materials like horn and mother of pearl. If the pincher horseshoe rings you choose don\'t come with O-rings and you want some to lock it into a set position, you can purchase some from our O-rings section. Note that you can comfortably wear pincher horseshoe rings in most piercings without O-rings, but they will ensure that your jewelry doesn\'t slide around in your piercing.