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Radiant Tattoo Ink - Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink lives up to its name. These stunning colors, available in both 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. bottles, are manufactured by a company that specializes in tattoo art and works closely with artists from the scene to develop its Radiant ink colors. They used their years of industry knowledge and the latest technology in the field to craft this line of truly radiant tattoo inks. Radiant Tattoo Ink is sterile, easy to apply, and made with pure, uncut, homogenized pigments. The homogenic fluid mix throws solid, long-lasting, brilliant colors. Radiant Tattoo Ink will allow you to capture your vision in every tattoo you create just as brilliantly as it appeared in your mind. Learn more about Radiant Tattoo Ink in our Top Brands in the Golden Age of Tattoo Inks article.