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Stigma-Rotary Tattoo Machines

Rotary machines may be the norm in tattoo shops today, but it wasn’t that long ago that coil machines still dominated the scene. You can thank the innovations of Stigma Rotary for helping facilitate the switch. Since 2005, Stigma Rotary has been a driving force in the advancement and adoption of rotary tattoo machines.

Designed by experienced, passionate tattoo artists, Stigma Rotary machines are at the forefront of the industry, providing tremendous precision, durability, and flexibility for tattoo artists working in a variety of styles. Their groundbreaking adjustable-give rotary machine revolutionized tattooing, allowing artists to quickly adjust their machine and tattoo with more precision and efficiency. This design has provided the framework for all other adjustable-give rotary machines produced since. 

Types of Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machines

Each Stigma Rotary Machine was designed, tested, and perfected by industry experts who are just as passionate about tattooing as you are. With a commitment to consistent quality, all Stigma machines feature a Swiss motor and are produced entirely in Germany and other parts of Europe. No matter which one you choose, you’re getting a machine that’s created by serious tattoo artists for serious tattoo artists. 


The Amen by Stigma Rotary is a truly remarkable machine. The hex drive system allows tattoo artists to change between strokes to determine the cycle of the motor. This unique feature gives artists the power to choose the exact amount of time the needle spends up or down the tube through the duration of each cycle. With three color-coded stroker types, the Amen can easily switch between a liner, shader, and all-purpose machine.


Forget about rubber bands, grommets, and tuning; the Stigma-Rotary Beast is a hard-hitting, lightweight machine that lets the artist get to work without having to deal with mechanical nuisances. With a body machined from aircraft aluminum, the ability to use 4.5-watt or 10-watt Motor Plugs, and the option to use any of four different stroke excenters, the Beast is your shop’s Swiss Army knife.

Force Wireless Pen 

The Stigma Rotary Force is a force to be reckoned with. With Bluetooth capabilities and digitally-adjustable settings, the Force offers unparalleled versatility and ease of use. Use the digital interface to adjust voltage and give, or adjust the voltage with motion control by tilting your machine up or down. A powerful dual-drive Faulhaber motor, 4.5 mm stroke, and digital “give & boost” feature make the Force especially ideal for bold lines and color packing. 

Hyper V3 & V4

The Stigma Hyper V3 is a hybrid machine that quickly adjusts to accommodate a hard or soft hit comfortably. You won't find a machine with a softer touch when you're ready for shading. The Hyper V3 can be adjusted on the fly without even touching the power supply. 

Jet & Jet Power

The Jet and Jet Power are hybrid machines designed to accept both standard tattoo needles and Stigma cartridge needles. The Jet is an all-purpose machine with a 4.5W motor and a 3.5mm stroke, whereas the Jet Power is more powerful with a 6W motor and a 4mm stroke, making it ideal for lining and big needle groupings. Both machines have a solid hit with no give and feature an easy setup.


The Neuro by Stigma-Rotary is a dedicated cartridge machine for artists seeking complete customization. The Neuro is incredibly lightweight and offers the ability to adjust the give and stroke length without any hassle. This machine uses the hex-drive system and is compatible with any of the Stigma MotorPlugs so that artists can tune and operate the machine to their liking.


The Stigma Prodigy can be adjusted from hard-hitting line work to soft-hitting shading with the turn of a thumbscrew. The patented EasyPlug system lets you change your 4.5 or 10 Watt MotorPlug in seconds. Its needle-stabilizing system and light, low-vibration build will let you focus on your art without having to compensate for the bulk and clumsiness of an inferior machine. 


Designed for accuracy and precision, the Ray is a pen-style tattoo machine that allows artists to have total control during the tattoo procedure. Easily adjust the stroke length from 3mm to 4mm by turning a screw on the machine, or configure and leave it on your preferred setting. The Ray features the hex-drive system and is recommended for use with the Stigma® 6W MotorPlug.

Shot Direct Drive

This direct drive tattoo machine is the only one of its kind with two unique features. Artists can easily adjust the stroke length without exchanging parts or using tools, and with the unique forced stay-up function, tattoo needles will always stop at a retracted position. These features make the Stigma-Rotary Shot the safest and most efficient direct-drive tattoo machine available on the market. 


The Soldier by Stigma-Rotary® is a dedicated cartridge tattoo machine designed for artists seeking adjustable softness and stroke length. The Soldier features the Stigma® 5W Brushless MotorPlug for simple stroke adjustments and magnetic cartridge pushers in three grades, allowing artists to customize softness.

Spear & Spear 2.0

The Spear is a powerful, lightweight pen-style tattoo machine. The Spear has a number of features designed for an ergonomic, efficient tattoo process, including an easily adjustable give and stroke length of  3 to 4mm with no interchangeable parts. The Spear 2.0 brings the same hard-hitting power with even more versatility thanks to its incredible  stroke length range of 2.5 to 4.5 mm. 

Thorn & Thorn 2.0

The pen-style Thorn is so light and ergonomic that artists have said it feels like they’re only holding a grip, allowing them to work for hours without fatigue. Despite it being lightweight, the Thorn doesn’t come in light on quality and power. With a  6W Swiss motor and the Stigma Rotary quality, this machine packs serious power into a small package. The Thorn 2.0 offers the added benefit of an adjustable stroke length of 2.5 to 4 mm. 

Stylist Tattoo Machine

The Stylist is a hybrid pen-style tattoo machine that’s ergonomic, lightweight, powerful, and affordable – an ideal introduction to pen-style machines for any artist who’s on the fence about making the switch. The powerful Swiss-made motor, adjustable 3 mm to 3.7mm stroke, and 6v to 10v operating capabilities make the Stylist as versatile as it is powerful.