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Tattoo Antiseptic & Ointments

Preventing infection and promoting healing are top priorities for every good tattoo artist. In addition to following sanitary practices and properly sterilizing equipment, tattoo antiseptic products play an important part in preventing infection and shortening the healing period.

When to Use Tattoo Ointment & Antiseptics

Before tattooing, clean each client\'s skin with a product like Intenze Cleanze, Dettol, or another skin cleanser. Also, wipe down the area to be tattooed with alcohol pads or another antiseptic immediately before you begin working.

While you work, you may want to regularly apply an ointment or cream like Ink Eeze Black Glide Tattooing Ointment or Tattoo Goo Process Butter to keep the skin moisturized and receptive. When you\'re done working, apply a thick layer of a healing, soothing tattoo ointment like A&D Ointment or Aquaphor before applying a tattoo bandage. Many clients also prefer to use an ointment or cream as part of their aftercare routine.

Types of Tattoo Antiseptics & Antibacterials

We offer a large variety of skin cleansers, antiseptic products, and tattoo ointments, all of which play important roles in the tattooing process.

Antiseptic Ointment

Ointments are usually applied as a lubricant during the tattooing process and as an aftercare product. Some include antiseptic ingredients, while others focus solely on soothing, moisturizing, and healing. Be sure to read the ingredients and uses if you want an antiseptic ointment.

Tattoo Antiseptic Spray

One benefit of tattoo antiseptic spray is that, unlike ointment, it can be used during the tattooing process to soothe and sanitize. The Intenze Cleanze Ready-to-Use Spray is a popular option thanks to its ability to cool and reduce redness in irritated areas without any burning sensation. Bactine is another go-to antiseptic spray in the industry as it both sanitizes and numbs.

Antiseptic Cream for Tattoos

Antiseptic creams can sometimes be used interchangeably with antiseptic tattoo ointments, and the difference between the two often comes down simply to the consistency of the product. However, some do differ in usage instructions as creams are more likely to be meant solely for aftercare. Recovery Tattoo Lotion, for example, is an excellent cream for soothing new tattoos but isn’t recommended as a lubricant during the tattooing process. Like ointments, some creams contain antiseptic ingredients, while others are meant only for soothing and healing.

Skin Prep & Hand Sanitizers

Keeping the environment and the artist\'s hands clean is just as important as cleaning the client’s skin. Alcohol prep pads, skin cleansers, and hand sanitizers should be a staple in every tattoo shop.

What Ointment Is Good for Tattoos?

Whether you’re choosing an ointment for yourself or your clients, you have plenty of options for safe, effective tattoo ointments, creams, and sprays. We carry some of the most trusted products in the tattooing biz, including:

Ink Eeze

Ink Eeze’s line of tattoo ointments, including Black Glide, Purple Glide, Pink Glide, Green Glide, and Green Vert. All of Ink Eeze’s ointments are perfect for use during and after tattooing as they’re petroleum and lanolin-free, so they won’t clog your machines.

Hustle Butter

Richie Bulldog Hustle Butter offers an all-natural option for use before, during, and after tattooing. You can buy it in jars or in convenient single-use foil packets. It’s one of the most popular tattoo ointments for aftercare, so many artists also keep their shop stocked, so clients can purchase their own jar.


Recovery Tattoo Glide is an excellent ointment that can be used both during tattooing and for aftercare. For aftercare only, try Recovery Tattoo Lotion, which soothes, moisturizes, and relieves the discomfort associated with healing skin.

Platinum Rose

Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare is loved as a 100% organic, all-natural tattoo ointment that’s perfect for before, during, and after the tattooing procedure.

Tattoo Goo

Tattoo Goo Series Process Butter is another all-natural favorite that works well for all stages of tattooing and healing.

Vitamins A&D Ointments

Multiple brands make ointments that contain vitamins A & D to promote healing, including Curad, Dynarex. Many artists enjoy using the convenient pre-divided foil packets.


Aquaphor is a popular option for soothing and moisturizing new tattoos. Since it’s a petroleum-based product, many artists prefer to use it only after the tattoo process to avoid clogging machines.

Whether you already have favorite tattoo ointments and antiseptics or you’re still searching for your perfect brands, you’ll find what you and your clients need at Painful Pleasures. Shop our other sections to stock up on bandages, tattoo medical supplies, and skin prep tattoo supplies as well!